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Africgold Review (Login, Portal, F.A.Q)

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Africgold Review (Login, Portal, F.A.Q)

Originally posted 2022-12-17 20:26:20.

What is Africgold?

Africgold is a twofold purpose platform made up of various parts that offer AFGOLD Virtual mining techniques for assessing mining revenue and also the conversion of AFGOLD units to physical cash and allows you to withdraw the money when it’s due.

How does Africgold work?

Africgold is a website that pays you daily for mining cryptocurrency in every range and allows you to withdraw it as cash.

Africgold provides you with a dashboard that contains all your cryptocurrency mining statistics, charts and history for effective mining and good record keeping.

With their customer service support, Africgold system automatically adds your daily mining profits to your account, which you can withdraw at any time. Africgold boasts that they pay their users per minute as they mine, without having to refer anyone.

How to earn/ make money on Africgold

To begin earning on the Africgold platform, you need to:

1.Buy a membership pin

2.Create an Africgold account

3.Start mining on the platform

4.Withdraw your mining profits (mining output)

Africgold Packages

The total amount of money you make on the Africgold platform depends on the membership plan you select. The membership plans on the Africgold platform include:

Musk package: For the musk package

Registration fee = #3000

Welcome bonus = #400

Hourly mining = #15

Trendposts = #150

Daily earning = #510

Weekly earnings = #2,570

Monthly earnings = #11,280

Minimum withdrawal = #10,000

Pentium Package:  For the pentium Package,

Registration fee = #4000

Welcome bonus = #800

Hourly mining = #50

Trendposts = #250

Daily posts = #1,650

Weekly earnings = #18,550

Monthly earnings = #34,200

Minimum withdrawal amount = #10,000

Skyway Package: For the Skyway Package,

Registration fee = #10,000

Welcome bonus = #800

Automatic mining = #2,650

Trendposts = #500

Daily earnings = #3,150

Weekly earnings = #22,550

Monthly earnings = #75,200

Minimum withdrawal amount = #15,000

Regardless of your subscription plan, you daily earning would not be less than #4,500

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How to sign up/ register on Africgold platform

To register on the Africgold platform:

Visit, and click on start mining

Purchase the membership/activation pin from any of their approved vendor to join any plan/ package of your choice

You can then proceed to create an account by entering your details and the activation pin you purchased

Immediately your account is successfully created, you can start mining

List of some  Africgold Activation pin/code Vendors

AFGOLD  09078605086

Prosper   08115736776

Marvellous 08071793403

Favour  08165358971

Victory    08157502033

Africgold dashboard login

Click here and you will be taken directly to Africgold login page

How to withdraw on Africgold

The minimum amount of withdrawal for the musk and pentium Package is #10,000 while the Skyway Package is #15,000. Withdrawal is being processed everyday on the platform, once you request or apply for withdraw, the money is transferred straight to your bank account and reflects within 24 hours

Referrals on Africgold

Africgold claims that you can get paid on the platform without referring a single person. Referrals on the platform is optional, but referring people increases your earnings

Africgold customer support contact

You can reach the Africgold customer support on :

+2348012345789, 08126452522


Head office: Lagos 125666, NG

Contact form:

Africgold App

The Africgold platform does not have a mobile app

Is Africgold Platform Legit or a Scam?

The Africgold platform might be a scam platform because it isn’t register with the Nigeria cooperate affairs commission (CAC) ,the CEO is not known, their is no known office, and the fact that lots of people are lamenting over not getting paid on the platform. If you still consider joining after all this signs, we advice you join a package you can avoid to lose.

FAQ’s about Africgold

1.Who is the owner of Africgold?

The details of the founder of the Africgold platform is currently unknown

2.Is Africgold platform going to crash?

Although we don’t know if the platform is legit or not, we don’t know if it will crash or not, but it is written on the platform that “It will never crash because there will always be enough funds to mine and earn. Units of gold supplied daily is prior to how much profit the platform makes daily. It is a decentralized platform”

3.Is Africgold regulated by government agencies?

Africgold platform is not regulated, as it is not registered, and does not have the license to operate as a mining company in Nigeria.

4.How do I get paid on Africgold?

You can withdraw your earnings, immediately it reaches the minimum withdrawal amount.

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