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Top 10 Loan apps in USA 2022

Top 10 Loan apps in USA


Top 10 Loan apps in USA 2022

Originally posted 2022-12-17 21:49:54.

Whatever financial demands you might have before payday, there are apps that allow you quick access to cash. These apps are called loan Apps, and they are available in the United State of America. This app gives you quick and easy access to cash, depending on the amount you want.

10 best loan apps available in the US

1. Earnin (Formerly Active hours)

This is one of the fastest loan apps in the US. Earnin allows workers with bank accounts to get their pay for the day, at the end of a workday rather than waiting for payday.

To begin using earnin, you must have a consistent pay schedule (either weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, or monthly), you must work at the same place every day or track your working hours with an electronic timesheet, at least 50% of your paycheck must be deposited directly into one checking account. You can get a loan of between $100 – $500, depending on how active you are on the platform.

To determine your loan amount, earnin calculate your pay based on the amount of money deposited into your checking account by a particular employer. They do not charge an interest for the loan, or ask you to pay a fee, they only ask you to tip whatever you think is fair, and this tip caps at $14. Your loan amount is usually available to you with two working days. They withdraw the amount you borrowed from your bank account on your Payday.

2.Daily Pay

Daily pay is a loan app that gives you access to a fraction of your salary before payday. Your credit score on daily pay is built based on the hours you work, and you can transfer this credit to your bank account at any time.

On your payday, you receive your wages minus the advances you collected from Daily pay. They charge you a fee of $1.25 to receive your transferred advanced the next day or $2.99 to receive your advance instantly. You can also set up automatic transfers at certain times on Daily pay.


PayActiv like the Daily pay and Earnin, allows employees get access to their earned but yet to be paid wages. It gives you access to instant cash, allows you pay bills, do bank transfers, savings, and lots more. PayActiv does not charge any interest rate.


The Brigitt app is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store, it is unique for its budgeting tool that helps you keep track of your spending habit. To start using the Brigitt app, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, for the Brigitt plus plans, and give you access to instant transfer feature.

Brigitt gives you a loan amount between $50 – $250 dollars. Your  loan amount  is based on your Brigitt score which they measure based on your bank account, Your spending behavior and your earnings. Your repayment date is automatically set according to you Salary schedule.

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5.Money Lion

Money Lion is not only a loan app, they also help you save and invest your money. To begin using this app, you need to pay the Credit Builder plus monthly membership fee of $19.99.

To qualify for a loan on Money Lion, they review your primary checking account activity. You could also earn rewards on the app by using the Money Lion visa debit card to make purchases of more than $10 monthly. With this rewards, you don’t need to pay for the membership plan.

Their loan amount is between $25 – $250, you are charged between $0.99 – $7.99 to get your loan instantly to your bank account. The loan is usually transferred to your bank account within 12- 24 hours if you don’t pay for instant transfer.


To get a loan from Branch, there must be at least 2 months direct deposit of at least $40  from the same employer into your checking account. Your loan amount depends on your bank account deposit history, and you spending habit. The more you use the branch app, the higher your limit.

Branch doesn’t charge interest on a loan, but they charge a fee $3.99 – $4.99 depending on your loan amount, to transfer money to your bank account.


Dave is a loan app that helps their users get cash advance and avoid bank overdraft. They also offer budgeting assistance, and they provide up to $100 as emergency funds for their users.

To use Dave, you must pay a little monthly membership fee/ subscription of $1. They don’t charge interest on their loans, but they request gratuities, and their loan amount they can give is low, between $5 – $200.

They get your loan to your bank account after 3 working days, but  charge between $1.99 – $5.99 to transfer your loan to your bank account faster, depending on your loan amount. Your default repayment date is your payday, but you can change it.

8.Viva Payday

This is one of most rated payday loan app in the US. The apply for loans on Viva Payday, takes less than five minutes, they offer fast loans and deposit the money to your bank account within 24 hours.

They offer loans within the range of $100 – $5,000. You can select the amount you want to borrow from the homepage and apply for it.


Chime is a loan app, that partners with two banks to offer both checkings and savings account. It doesn’t require any monthly subscription fee, or overdraft fees, rather it helps you round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, and save the reminder for you. That is if buy something for $3.35, Chime rounds it up to $4.00 and saves $0.65 for you. Their loan amount is between $20 -$200, depending on your account activity. You get your loan instantly. Repayment date is your payday.


Even is a loan app that also helps you to manage your finances. They offer you up to 50% of your wages as loans. With their budgeting tools, they help you track your spending habit, and give you a clear picture of your finances. They also help you set and meet your saving goals, by automatically transferring a specific percentage of your income according to your goal into a savings income.

What app can I borrow money from in the US?

There are various loans apps available in the US, the best of them are:


Viva Payday



Money Lion



Daily pay


Payday say

What apps let you borrow money immediately?

There are many loan app in the US, some of them that offers instant loans are:






What apps will let me borrow $50?

Loan apps that allows you to borrow $50 dollars instantly are:

Money Lion





What app can loan me $100?

Loan apps that can borrow you $100 in the US include:


Money Lion


Viva Payday

Daily pay

Which app is the easiest to borrow money from?

If you need easy instant loans, then Dave or Earnin is the best loan app to borrow from.

In conclusion

the top 10 loan apps in USA, is there to help you get access to funds in times of emergency. This loan apps gives you instant loans amounts between $25-$500, in addition, most of them offers other services like savings and budgeting, that helps you keep track of your finances.
Although this apps are trusted by millions of people in the US, make sure you carry out your own research, to know which of them works best for you.

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