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EasyBuy Mobile Phone Finance Platform



EasyBuy Mobile Phone Finance Platform

Originally posted 2022-12-18 00:49:32.

Easybuy is a division of Palmcredit, a financial institution (mobile or online) that offers loan services. Easybuy services, helps you acquire a mobile phone on a loan basis, with installment payment plans.  It’s a buy now, pay later platform.

With Easybuy, you can get any Mobile device of your choice with just a 30% upfront payment, while the other 70% payment is spread as installment payments, within 3 – 6months period, depending on your agreement.

Easybuy Requirements

To be qualified to apply for Easybuy services, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must be 18 years or above, and a resident of Nigeria
  2. You must have a stable source of income, or be gainfully employed
  3. You must have maintained a good financial record(credit score)
  4. Have a valid means of identification(either National ID card, Voters Card, Driver’s License, international passport, e.t.c)
  5. Have a valid bank account with an active ATM card
  6. Present your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  7. Have the 30% down payment ready for any type of phone you wish to acquire.

How to Buy a mobile phone from Easybuy

  • Locate an Easybuy Agent or Office Around You: Finding an easybuy agent is very easy, since most mobile phone companies are either partners of easybuy, or easybuy is affiliated with them. You can find these agents in most leading phone shops, their t-shirts and Caps, Identifies them as easybuy agents. 
  • Provide all the necessary information: Once you have located an easy buy agent or office, they will brief you on the information they need from you, make sure you provide them.
  • Choose the Mobile Device you want: The next step is to make your choice of phone since they are affiliated or partners with most phone companies, once you select the type of phone you want, you will be directed back to the easybuy agent.
  • Signup for the easybuy loan: After all these processes have been successfully completed, you will need to Signup on to the easybuy platform, using the information the agent already collected, for the loan application process. They will also require passport photography or take a picture of you. They may also require you to speak to another agent from their head office via phone call.
  • Pay your Initial deposit: After signing up on the easybuy loan platform, you will be required to pay the initial deposit of 30% of the phone’s cost. For example, if you buy a phone of #100,000, 30% of this Money is #30,000. So you are required to pay #30,000 before you can take the phone.
  • Conclude on a repayment term: When applying for the easybuy mobile phone loan, you have to know that they have 2 payment methods, 3 months or 6 months repayment period, and both have different interest rates, confirm the one that best suits you before concluding.
  • Provide Sureties (People who will vouch for you): To conclude the easy buy loan process, you will need to provide the phone numbers of Four(4) people very close to you,(Family members, friends, work colleagues, employers, e.t.c). These people are to vouch for you that you are a responsible person, and they will also be contacted if you fail to pay on/after your repayment due date.

Note: You will need to inform these people before taking the loan so that they can put in a good word for you. Make sure you make the repayments when due to avoid embarrassment.

Easybuy Interest rate and Loan repayment terms

Easybuy services offer 2 loan repayment terms:

  • 3 months (90 days) repayment term, this repayment term comes with a 9% interest rate per month.
  • 6 months (180 days) repayment term, this term comes with a 6% interest rate per month.

How  to Repay Easybuy Loan

You can repay your easybuy  loan through any of these methods:

  • Through RAVE by Flutterway
  • Through the Easybuy App
  • Mobile Transfer and
  • Paying through a Bank branch.

How much Loan does Easybuy Gives

Provided that you meet the necessary requirements, easybuy services offer you a loan of all amounts to match the specific kind of phone you want, as long as your credit score is in that range

How to make your installment payments through the Easybuy App

Ensure you have downloaded and signed in on the app, most agents help you with this process when you buy the phone

  • Open your easybuy app
  • Select details
  • Click on loan history
  • Select pay now
  • Click repay with a bank card, enter your card details
  • Verify your payment information

Easybuy Customer care services numbers and Email

To contact the easybuy Customer care services, for your inquiries and complaints, here are their phone numbers and Email address.

Phone number: 018888188 (You can reach them on calls between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday).


WhatsApp number: +2347043257113

Facebook page:

Easybuy Office Address

Although easybuy service agents operate from various phone stores and outlets all over the country, their head office is at  9, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.

Easybuy App

To effectively record and monitor your loan repayment process, you are advised to download the easybuy app from the Google play store or click Easybuy App to Download.


1. Will my phone be locked if I don’t pay them?

Before buying phones from easybuy, it’s good to note that once you default on your payment, easybuy will lock your phone, and it will be useless until you pay before it can be unlocked.

2. Is Palmcredit the owner of easybuy?

Yes, easybuy is owned and operated by Palmcredit a consumer loan institution.

3. How much interest does Easybuy take?

Depending on your repayment term, easy buy charges between 6% and 9% monthly interest.

4.How do you qualify for Easybuy?

To qualify for Easybuy, you must have a valid means of identification, be gainfully employed, have a valid ATM card, have your BVN, and an intial 30% deposit for the mobile device you wish to buy.

5.How much is the initial deposit for Easybuy?

The initial deposit must be at least 30% of the price of the mobile phone you want.

6.Does Easybuy sell iphones?

Easybuy offers phones from all brands, including Tecno, Samsung, Apple, Infinix, and any other brand you can think of. So yes they sell iphones.

7.What happens when I am late on my easybuy payment?

Easybuy will lock your device if you default on a payment, and it can only be unlocked when you make the necessary payments.

8.Which Country owns Easybuy?

Easybuy is a Chinese owned company.

9.Which company is easybuy?

Easybuy is a subsidiary of Palmcredit.

10.Is easybuy real?

Easybuy is a legit and safe company that helps people get mobile phones of their choice, and pay in installments

11.How do I do easybuy on phone?

Simply download the easybuy mobile app from Google play store or Apple store.

12.How much is the interest on Easybuy?

The 90 Days (3 months) repayment plan has an interest rate of 9%, and the 180 days (6 months plan) has an interest rate of 6%

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