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Lee Evans: Films, Biography, Comedy, Net Worth, Wife

Lee Evans pics


Lee Evans: Films, Biography, Comedy, Net Worth, Wife

Lee Evans Biography

Lee John Martin Evan is a former famous British comedian, musician, actor, singer, and writer. He was born on February 25, 1964.

Lee Evans cofounded a production company, Little Mo Films, which he named after his daughter. He created the production company with Addison Cresswell, who was his agent.

He rose to fame and became one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the United Kingdom, with his Roadrunner Tour in 2011 earning £12.9 million.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Lee John Martin Evans

Date of Birth: February 25, 1964

Place of Birth: Bristol, England

Nationality: British

Height: 5’ 9’’ (1.75m)

Spouse(s): Heather Nudds (m. 1984)

Education: Thurrock Art College

Children: 1 (Mollie Evans)

Social Media:

Early Life and Educational Background

Lee John Martin Evans was born in Avonmouth, Bristol, on February 25, 1984. His Father’s name is Dave Evans, a Welsh man (who died in June 2019), while his mother’s is Shirley Hunt, an Irish woman. Evan’s dad was also talented because he was also a comedian and impressionist. Lee Evans also has an older brother, Wayne, born in 1962.

After eleven years, Evans left Bristol and relocated to Essex. He attended. The Billericay School.

He started entertainment when he was two years old at Thurrock Art College in Essex and moved to Scarborough, North Yorkshire.


Lee Evans’s Stand-up comedy

Lee Evans came to the spotlight in the 90s. He was so energetic, abrasive, and exciting in all his performances. He won an award in 1993 for the Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

During his performance, he sometimes takes a quick shower and changes into a different suit because of the sweat that drenches him on stage.

He broke a world record at the Manchester Arena, performing to 10,108 audience. It was regarded as the biggest comedy audience as of 2005.

In 2008, he toured during the autumn season in the U.K. He was the first comedian ever in the o2 Arena in London. The DVD of that show was released on November 24, 2008.

During the Christmas and New Year seasons, he sold over 1 million copies.

He was also seen on March 30, 2010, on Channel 4’s Comedy Gala for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In 2011, he made another tour titled ‘Roadrunner’ with fifty dates from August to November. Before his tour, he went to test his new material on June 10.

He visited Dublin for two nights, four nights in the o2 Arena, and four Nights in Wembley Arena, London.

£7,000,000 worth of tickets were sold on the first day they went for sale, in October 2010 at 9 AM.

Due to massive ticket sales, 17 more dates were added to the tour. Meaning, they brought the tour up to 67 dates in 14 cities. After that tour, he was awarded a special contribution to comedy by the British Comedy Awards with the Channel 4 Award.

He retired from Comedy in November 2014. He did that to spend more time with his family. He practically announced it on The Jonathan Ross Show.


Lee John Martin Evans has acted in many movies, including Funny Bones, There’s Something About Mary, Mouse Hunt, The Ladies Man, The Fifth Element, Undertaking Betty, and The Medallion.

in 2005, he appeared in The Magic Roundabout and Dinotopia,  a 2002 TV miniseries.

Evan was a guest performer and a hostel where he appeared in the Show Viva Cabaret!, presented by Channel 4.

In 2004, he acted in the movie titled Freeze Frame, where he starred

During his stay in Yorkshire, he drummed for The Forgotten Five, a punk rock band.


In 2001, he co-wrote eight episodes of So What Now? For the B.B.C. Evans also appeared in the T.V. series.

Evans has a production company (Little Mo Films) where he writes and produces his stand-up DVDs. He named the company after his daughter’s name, Little Mo.


Lee John Martin Evans is also a talented musician and single. He is gifted with playing various Instruments, including keyboards, piano, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, turntables, and drums.

Lee Evans Wife

Lee Evans exchanged marital vows with Heather Nudds on September 22, 1984. They were both 19 years old when they were met with each other. They are blessed with a daughter known as Little Mo.

Lee Evans’s Net Worth

Lee Evans has an alleged net worth of $30 million. During his time as a standup comedian, Evans was one of the highest-earning comedians in the world.

In 2008, he performed to over 500k fans across 59 dates and sold a whopping copy of one million.

His tour in Roadrunner, U.K., sold about 911,000 DVDs and 733,000 tickets; he reportedly earned £12.9 million.

Lee Evans Quit Comedy

In 2014, he stepped away from the spotlight by announcing on The Jonathan Ross Show that he is retiring. He added that he wants to pay more attention to his wife and daughter, Mollie.


What does Lee Evans do today?

Lee Evans is already retired from his comedy career where he makes his million. Currently, he manages his property business and production company.

Does Lee Evans have a wife?

Lee Evans is happily married to Heather Nudds; they have been married since September 22, 1984.

When did Lee Evans do his last tour?

Lee Evans did his last tour in 2014, titled Monsters.

How famous is Lee Evans?

Throughout his career, he has performed in front of over 500,00 people, and he has sold over 1.3 million copies of his DVDs.

Lee Evans Tour Dates

Below are some of Lee Evans Tours, including the year and title

1996- Different Planet Tour

1998- Don’t Try This at Home

2002- Wired and Wonderful

2005- XL

2008- Big

2011- Roadrunner

2014- Monsters

Lee Evans VHS/DVD

1994- Live at Her Majesty’s Threatre

1995- Live From The West End

1996- Live- Different Planet Tour

1998- Live in Scotland

2002- Wired and Wonderful-Live at Wembley

2005- XL Tour- Live

2008- Big- Live at the 02

2011- Roadrunner –  Live at the 02

2014- Monsters-Live

Lee Evans Films

1995- Funny Bones

1997- The Fifth Element

2000- The Ladies Man

2002- Plots with a View

2003- The Medallion

2003- Stealing Bess

2004- Freeze Frame

2005- The Magic Roundabout

Lee Evans TV series

1995- The World of Lee Evans

1997- Brooms

1998- Clair de Lune

2001- So What Now

2002- Dinotopia

2007- The History of Mr Polly

2007- The Dinner Party

2009- Doctor Who

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