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NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Instagram, Age, Wife, Biography

NBA YoungBoy pic


NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Instagram, Age, Wife, Biography

NBA YoungBoy Biography

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again (also known as NBA YoungBoy or simply YoungBoy), is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Baton Rouge Louisiana. He  was born on the 20th of  October, 1999.  Between 2015 and 2017, he released six independent mixtapes and steadily garnered a cult following through his work. In late 2017, Gaulden was signed to Atlantic Records.

NBA YoungBoy profile summary

Real Name: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

Nick names: NBA YoungBoy Lil Top YoungBoy

Birthday:  20 October 1999 (23 years old)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Mother: Sherondan Gaulden

Nationality:  United States


Profession: Professional Rapper

Country:  United States of America

Height: 1.73 m

Genres: Hip hop, southern hip hop, gangsta rap

Occupations: Rapper, singer, songwriter

Years active:  2015–present

Labels:  Never Broke Again, Atlantic

Children: 9 children

Siblings: Telee and Ken Gaulden


Early life and Education  Background

Kentrell Gaulden was born on the 20th of  October, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He broke his neck while wrestling as a toddler(age 4), the injury requiring a head brace until the spine healed.

The halo brace left permanent scars on his forehead. Gaulden was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother due to his father being sentenced to 55 years in prison after his birth “It was hard but fun,” he says of his early childhood. “We had to make it fun.” . He dropped out of high school in ninth grade and was arrested for robbery and sent to a juvenile detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana for six months. While there, he began writing lyrics for his debut project  Life Before Fame, released in 2015.

After he was released from the detention center, Gaulden’s grandmother died of heart failure YoungBoy was left to fend for himself.  “I had been rapping, but I used to hide that shit,” he remembers. “I was scared, not for sure ‘bout myself, playing with my craft.” Gaulden moved in with his friend and fellow Baton Rouge rapper, NBA 3Three (also known as OG 3Three). The two then used acts of criminality to begin to pay for studio time.

Musical Career

He debuted as one of 2015/2016’s rising talents, but that trajectory was altered slightly after a six-month prison sentence. Following his release in 2017, he became a regular fixture on the Billboard charts, frequently issuing mixtapes, EPs, and singles.

His debut album, Until Death Call My Name, hit the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 when it appeared in 2018, and his 2019 mixtape AI YoungBoy 2 topped the chart. The rapper remained in the upper reaches of the chart in 2020 with multiple mixtapes before hitting number one with his sophomore album, Top.

He closed his whirlwind year with yet another mixtape and a collaboration with Rich the Kid, Nobody Safe. YoungBoy returned to the top of the Billboard 200 with 2021’s Sincerely, Kentrell, additionally collaborating with Birdman for the mixtape From the Bayou and releasing the 2022 mixtape Colors.

NBA YoungBoy, was  Inspired by local artist Lil Phat, the young Gaulden started rapping and recording. Gaulden first began producing music with a microphone he bought from Walmart when he was fourteen years old.

His debut mixtape, Life Before Fame, arrived in 2015 and was quickly followed by a trilogy of releases titled Mind of a Menace. In 2016, he released the 38 Baby mixtape. Before I Go Reloaded, a collection of previously released tracks, was issued at the end of the year, Gaulden quick rise to popularity could also be attributed to his “song-for-song rap beef” with fellow Baton Rouge rapper Scotty Cain.

In December 2015, in which songs from both rappers included death threats. Although no real violence ever occurred between the two Baton Rouge rappers, their feuding attracted a lot of attention.

In 2017, after he was released from prison on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder in connection with an alleged drive-by shooting , he issued AI YoungBoy, which featured the single “Untouchable.”

The effort debuted in the Top 25 of the Billboard 200. Months later, YoungBoy issued Fed Baby’s, a collaborative mixtape with Moneybagg Yo.

He quickly followed Fed Baby’s with Ain’t Too Long, a short mixtape that debuted as a streaming video playlist before landing on the Billboard 200.

On August 3, 2017, he released his mixtape, AI YoungBoy which charted at 24 on the Billboard 200.The single, “Untouchable”, peaked at number 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The second single from the project, “No Smoke”, peaked at number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100. YoungBoy’s career took a meteoric rise as his single ‘Outside Today’ in 2018. The song became the highest-charting song of his career, peaking at number 35 on Billboard Hit 100.

YoungBoy’s first official full-length, the platinum-certified Until Death Call My Name, was released in April 2018, and soon charted in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 album chart.

The set included guest appearances from Future, Lil Baby, and Birdman, as well as the Top 40-charting single “Outside Today.” Less than a month after the album was released, a mixtape titled Master the Day of Judgement appeared. A trilogy of EPs — 4Respect, 4Freedom, and 4Loyalty — arrived the following August and September. ‘

All three were then combined with an additional EP’s worth of material as 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4WhatImportant. The restlessly prolific artist released two more mixtapes, Decided and Realer, before the end of the year. In October 2019, he issued the mixtape AI YoungBoy 2, which debuted at number one.

By January 2019, Gaulden was on YouTube’s Top Music Artists list in the United States for the previous 101 weeks, which made him the most-watched musician across all genres.

This was mainly due in part to his consistency of releasing music regularly and exclusively on YouTube. He was also the 9th best selling artist on the 2019 Billboard Mid-Year Charts and was seventh in the top ten artists ranked by on-demand audio streams without dropping a project in the first six months of 2019 . On October 4, 2019, Gaulden released the song “Bandit”, with rapper Juice Wrld, released as the final new song by Juice Wrld as a lead artist before his death.

The song reached number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming NBA Youngboy’s highest charting single . On October 10, 2019, Gaulden released his mixtape AI YoungBoy 2, and debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200.

The mixtape is a sequel to his 2017 breakout AI Youngboy and features 18 songs, including the previously released song “Slime Mentality”.Gaulden was able to get his first number one album on the Billboard 200 because the album had accumulated 144.7 million on-demand audio streams during its first week, becoming one of the top ten biggest streaming debuts of 2019.Gaulden was out on probation due to a shooting that happened in Miami that involved him and his girlfriend, killing an innocent man, which violated his probation and was incarcerated for three months.

He was required to do probation for 14 months. On December 13, 2019, the judge officially terminated Gaulden’s probation for two counts of attempted murder..

Still Flexin, Still Steppin appeared in February 2020, and reached number two on the chart. He continued his winning streak a few months later with yet another mixtape, 38 Baby 2, which topped the charts upon release. In September 2020, he released his third project of the year and second studio album, Top. The 21-song record featured guest spots from Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne and debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard chart.

Closing out the year, he went on a blitz of releases, starting with the crew compilation Never Broke Again, Vol. 1 and extending his chart streak with the Top Ten mixtape Until I Return which was released on 11th November as his fourth solo project of 2020 and a collaboration with Rich the Kid, Nobody Safe which was released on November 20 2020. Several charting singles, including “White Teeth” and “On My Side,” led up to the release of Sincerely, Kentrell, the rapper’s third studio LP which he released from prison.

The album appeared in September 2021 and became YoungBoy’s fourth release to top the Billboard 200 making him the third artist besides 2Pac and Lil Wayne to have a number one album while incarcerated.

Following his release from jail in late October 2021, he released a number of singles beginning in November, including “Heart and Soul”, “Alligator Walk”, and “Blackball”. The singles led up to his collaborative mixtape with Birdman, From the Bayou, which released on December 10, 2021, which reached the top 20.

YoungBoy’s first release of 2022, a mixtape titled Colors, released on the 21st of January, reached number two.

This mixtape garnered attention due to the singles released previously, in which he dissed rappers King Von and NLE Choppa on the tracks “Bring the Hook” and “Know Like I Know”, respectively.

NBA YoungBoy Age

The rapper was born on the 20th of October 1999 (23 years as of 2022)

NBA YoungBoy  Height

YoungBoy stands at a towering height of 5ft 8inches


His net worth is estimated at $ 11.9million.The wealth comes mainly  from his career in music. In 2021, Billboard named him the fourth highest-paid rapper of 2020.

The rapper ranked No. 1 in video streams with over 1.4 billion; No. 5 in audio streams with almost 6.2 billion; and No.3 in overall combined streams with almost 7 billion. He is said to have made $10million in streaming, $126,000 in sales, $1.7million in publishing and $129,000 from touring as of 2020


Studio albums

Until Death Call My Name (2018)

Top (2020)

Sincerely, Kentrell (2021)


No Mentions

Drawing Symbols



Through The Storm

I Am Who They Say I Am

Outside Today

No Smoke



No Love

We Poppin

38 Baby


Astronaut Kid

Demon Seed

Can’t Be Saved


Love is Poison

Not Wrong Now

Solar Eclipse

Diamond Teeth Samurai

You The One

Sky Cry

Nobody Hold Me



I Ain’t Hiding

This For The

Deceived Emotions

War with us

Pour One

Personal Life

What led to his name change is unknown but when he set his foot on the music scene, Gaulden was known by his aliases, NBA YoungBoy or YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

It was while working for his music career that YoungBoy was arrested for robbery and sent to a detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana. In Tallulah, he began writing lyrics. Upon his release, NBA YoungBoy moved in to live with his friend 3Three, as his grandmother had passed away.

The two got involved in criminal activities to pay for studio time. YoungBoy then actively involved himself to make a career out of music. In February 2018, YoungBoy was arrested before a concert at The Moon nightclub in Tallahassee on the charges of committing assault, weapons violations, and kidnapping.

Talking of YoungBoy’s relationship status, it is alleged that NBA YoungBoy at 22 years has eight children out of his relationship with six women so far although no one knows the exact number. His children include Kayden, Kacey, Kamiri, and Taylin.Gaulden named Kamron as one of his sons. Kamron was born in July 2016 to Starr Thigpen just weeks after Kayden.

However, a DNA test later confirmed that he was not the biological father. In April 2021, it was reported that he is expecting his eighth child with a seventh woman, Jazlyn Mychelle. Two of his sons, Kayden and Kacey, appeared in the video for his single, “Kacey Talk”.

He has six sons, including Kamiri, Kayden, Kamron (non-biological), Taylin, and Kacey. He also has two daughters named Armani and Kodi. He dated Jania Bania up until mid-2018. He also dated Young Lyric. In January 2021, he and Iyanna Mayweather welcomed their first child together, his sixth son, Kentrell Jr. His brother is named Ken Gaulden

YoungBoy’ s Children


The first child of the rapper, Kayden, was born on July 14, 2016. His mother is Nisha. In his father’s single Kacey’s Talk, Kayden appeared in a video with his half-brother Kacey.


Kamiri is one of the NBA YoungBoy’s sons with Starr Dejanee. He was born on July 6, 2017, and had a younger brother, Kamron. However, in June 2018, YoungBoy posted a status on Facebook to say that one of his sons, baby K, is not his biological child NBA YoungBoy has expressed disappointment that a boy is not his biological son, but he will continue to raise and keep the boy a secret in the future


Nia is said to be one of NBA YoungBoy’s one-night stands. Nia gave birth to Taylin on March 19, 2017. After a blood relationship test, people actually confirmed that Tay is one of YoungBoy’s children


Kacey was born on February 13, 2019. He also appeared in a video of the single Kacey’s Talk. Jania Bania, his biological mother, is a social media influencer.


The baby girl, Armani, is the second child of NBA YoungBoy and Nisha. Armani is a special Young Boy’s child whose name does not start with the letter K. Her brother is Kayden.


On Thanksgiving 2020, Houston actress Drea Symone gave birth to their daughter, Kodi Capri. Her actual birthday is November 26. Many rumors suggest that this is the second child of the couple.Drea Symone posted a photo of herself and her daughter on Instagram, who she tagged as Kens.


Kentrell Jr is the youngest child of NBA YoungBoy, born on January 9, 2021. His mother is Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of boxer Floyd Mayweather.After their son was born, Yaya’s relationship with NBA YoungBoy also ended. She was arrested in April 2021 for allegedly stabbing one of YoungBoy’s children’s baby mamas, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs.

The identities of his other children is currently unknown.

NBA YOUNGBOY social media

You can connect with the rapper on

Nba Youngboy Instagram: His Instagram was deleted.

Twitter: @GGnbayoungboy

Facebook: @NBA YoungBoy

Awards won by NBA YoungBoy

ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards      2021       Winning Rap Songs          Won

BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards           2021       Won

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Favorites

Hobbies: Music, Travellig & Working out in Gym

Favorite Actor: Vin Diesel

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Food: Mexican Cuisine

Favorite Destination: Miami

Favorite Color: Blue and Black

FAQ’s about NBA YoungBoy

1.Is NBA YOUNGBOY a billionaire?

He is not yet a billionaire but he is well on his way

2.What is NBA YoungBoy’s full name?

His full name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, His stage name, NBA YoungBoy, stands for ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’, and is also sometimes abbreviated to simply ‘YoungBoy

3.What is NBA YoungBoy’s Childhood like?

The rapper was raised by his maternal grandmother due to his father being sentenced to 55 years in prison after his birth “It was hard but fun,” he says of his early childhood. “We had to make it fun.”

4.NBA YoungBoy height?

He stand at 5ft 8inches

5.Why did You tube remove NBA YoungBoy?

They removed him because he was facing gun and drug charges in both Louisiana and California

6.What is NBA YoungBoy famous for?

The American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is famous for his eight independent mixtapes, and steadily garnered a cult following through his work.

7.When did NBA YoungBoy become famous?

NBA YoungBoy is an American rapper who first came to limelight in 2016 as one of the promising stars of the current generation. Immensely talented, Gaulden took to rapping and recording early in his life. Inspired by local artist, he came up with his debut album in 2015, at the age of 16.

8.What is NBA YoungBoy most famous song?

He released his first mixtape, Life Before Fame, in 2015. Since then he’s released two studio albums: Until Death Call My Name and Top, and he has a third one on the way.His track I Am Who They Say I Am got him an award nomination. Other big tracks for him include Bandit, Kacey Talk, and How I Been.


In May 2021, it was rumoured that NBA YoungBoy had died in his jail cell. Law enforcement later confirmed that the rapper is very much alive, despite rumours suggesting he had been found dead in his jail cell. The rumours are thought to have started on Facebook. Youngboy remains incarcerated at St. Martin Parish Correctional Center following his April arrest after fleeing from police

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