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John Adams Morgan Net Worth, Wife, Age, Biography



John Adams Morgan Pictures

John Adams Morgan Biography

John Adams Morgan was Born on  September  17, 1930, In Oyster Bay,  New York, U.SA.   He is an Olympic Champion and American Sailor and also the Chairman and Founder of Morgan Joseph.

His Father’s Name is Henry Sturgis Morgan, the co-founder of Mogan Stanley and His great-grandfather was J.P Morgan, The founder of J.P Morgan & co.

John Adams Morgan Profile Summary

Full Name: John Adams Morgan

Date Of Birth: September 17, 1930

Spouse(s): Elizabeth Robbins Choate (m.1953; div 1957)

Tonia Goss: (m. 1962; div)

Sonja Tremont: (m. 1998; div 2006)

Connie Morgan (m. 2010)

Parent(s): Henry Sturgis Morgan

Catherine Lovering Adams

Children: 3

Awards: Olympic Gold Medal at 1952

Olympic: 6m Class

Early Life

John Morgan was born on the 17th of Sept 1930. On Long Island. His Father’s name was Henry Sturgis Morgan (1900-1982) and His Mom Catherine Frances Lovering Adams (1902-1988), who was the daughter of Frances Lovering and Charles Francis Adams III, the U.S Secretary of the Navy Under Hoover.


John Morgan graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1953.


Olympic Career

He competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, where he earned a gold medal with the boat Llanoria in the 6-metre class.

Business Career.

He was a Partner in Dominick & Dominick (from 1956 to 1966).

Also, he worked at Smith Barney ()1966-1982) where he served as a Senior Vice president In charge of the Charge of Corporate Finance Department.  He was also a member of the executive committee and the director of Smith Barney International Inc.

When he was the Vice president he was also in charge of Acquisition activities and firm Merger.

In 1982,  Morgan established a Brokerage and retail firm known as Morgan Lewis Githen & Ahn, Inc.

It organized a leveraged acquisition of Olin’s Ecusta cigarette paper business with the Olin Corporation, an industrial chemical firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1985. In 1987, the firm assisted in the $450 million cash and stock acquisition of Service America Corp. by Alleco Inc., previously Allegheny Beverage Corporation.

The firm and Morgan’s broker-dealer license were purchased in 2001 by the newly established MLGA Holdings.

Morgan and Fred Joseph (1937–2009), the former president and chief executive officer of the investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert during the 1980s, co-founded the new entity, which became recognized as Morgan Joseph LLC in 2002, with the objective of creating a high-yield business for mid-size companies and taking advantage of investment bankers laid off during the 2000 technology stock bubble.

Morgan served as chairman of the Morgan Lewis board of directors after the new firm was founded.

Morgan Joseph LLC teamed with Tri-Artisan Partners LLC in December 2010 to establish Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group, Inc.

Apollo Global Management invested in Morgan Joseph TriArtisan in April 2011 and registered as a brokerage firm to find clients and deals for its buyout and hedge funds.

Board of trustees

Morgan has been a director of Upham & Co., Inc. since 1969. He was a director of TriMas Corporation from 1989 until it was acquired by Metaldyne Corporation in January 1998. From 1984 until its recapitalization in November 2000, he was a director of Metaldyne. He was a trustee of the Provident Loan Society of New York and a director of Furnishings International Inc. as of 2001. He also serves on the board of directors of the Morgan Library & Museum.

John Morgan Relationship Life

John Morgan Wife- Morgan has been married five times. Elizabeth Robbins Choate (1933–1998), the daughter of Robert Burnett Choate and sister of Robert B. Choate Jr., was his first wife, whom he married in 1953. They had Morgan, John Adams Jr. before their divorce in 1957.

In 1962, He married the second time. He was married to Tania Goss, An alumna of Vassar College and the Ethel Walker School. Tania was the daaugther of Holbrook and Chauncey Porter Goss (d. 1964) of Middlebury, Connecticut.

But before they divorced they had

  • Chauncey Goss Morgan, former Chief Financial Officer Of Senet Inc.

In 1992, he married his third wife, Anne Chute.

In the late 1990s, he met his fourth wife, Sonja Tremont (Born in 1963). Sonja is one of the stars of the Bravo Television show. The Real Housewives of New York City.

According to research, John and Morgan were reported to have met at San Pietro, an Italian restaurant on Madison Avenue in New York City where she worked as a hostess.

They enjoyed dinner together after stumbling into each other again in Aspen, and he proposed to her later that night. They married in 1998, just a few months afterward. They had one kid together (named Quincy Adams Morgan)before divorcing seven years later in 2006.

However,  he’s currently married to Connie H. Morgan, whom he married in 2010.

John Adams Morgan Net Worth

John Morgan’s Net worth is estimated to be around $100 Million.

Morgan is the owner of Caritas Island, a 3.5-acre private island compound off the coast of Stamford, Connecticut, with a 26-room, 14,000-square-foot house erected in 1906. Morgan placed the island for sale in 2011 for $18.9 million.

John Adams Morgan Age

How old is John Morgan? – John Adams Morgan  is 91years Old

How many wives has John Adams Morgan had?

He had married a total Number of Five wives.

Did John Adams Morgan remarry?

Yes, he married his fifth wife Connie H. Morgan. He got married to her in 2010

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Constance Nunes Net Worth, Age, Biography, Instagram



Constance Nunes picture

Constance Nunes Biography

Constance Nunes as an American reality TV star was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. She is also a mechanic and a model.

Presently, Nunes is a mechanic at Gotham Garage. Constance is best known for her role in the Netflix reality show car masters: Rust to Riches, where she appeared in nine episodes.

Constance Nunes Profile Summary

Name: Constance Nunes

Date of Birth: 17th November 1989

Age: 32 years (as of 2021)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Nationality: American

Sexuality: Straight

Father: Ernie Nunes

Mother: N/A

Spouse: Jared Toller

Religion: Christianity

Height In Feet: 5’7”

Weight In Pounds: 119-130lbs

Weight In Kilograms: 52

Net Worth: USD $2 million

Body Measurements In Inches: 34-26-34

Body Measurements In Centimeter: 86-66-86

Profession: Model, Mechanic and Reality TV star

Siblings: None


Constance Nunes Career

Constance began working with her father; on vehicles, when she was a child. She discovered her passion for automobiles from this experience.

At the age of 16, she built her first car; a Ford mustang (1965 model). She has modelled at different car events and has also worked with firms like Feral, Cosmetics, Wrangler, Jockey, Jlux Label, and Javanan magazine.

She has some movies to her credits like; Bring it on and Dodgeball where she did stunt work. She has also appeared in a number of musical videos. Constance Nunes has started her own car business, Cars by Constance which is known for cars customization and restoration.

She has established herself as one of the greatest female car mechanics in California having worked with brands like BMW, Audi, Acura, Ford.

Constance Nunes Personal/Family Life

Her father was an amateur racer and seasoned mechanic. She has not said much about her mother and has no siblings.

Constance got married to her long-term boyfriend, Jared Toller, an autophile and amateur racer on 9th February,2019 in Peru, California. They first met at a friend’s get together and dated for 8 years.

Constance Nunes Age

Constance Nunes is 32 years as of 2022. Her birthday was celebrated on 17th November, 2021

Constance Nunes Net Worth

She is believed to be worth $2 million. Modelling, car mechanic, Instagram influencing are her major sources of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Constance Nunes Still Married?

No! The couple divorced in June,2020

2.Constance Nunes Siblings

She has no known siblings

3.How Old Is Constance Nunes?

She is 32 years old as of 2021

4.What Is Constance Nunes Social Media Account?

She is presently on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook

Her Instagram handle is @constanxe-nunes

5.What Is Constance Nunes Ethnicity?

She is white (Caucasian)

6.What Is Constance Nunes Hair Color?

Her hair is Black

7.Does Constance Nunes have Tattoos?

Yes, she has on her arms

8.What Is Constance Nunes Eye Color?

She has Dark brown eyes

9.Where Was Constance Nunes Born?

She was born in Portugal

10.Is Constance Nunes a Real Mechanic?

She is a mechanic with 15 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Fun Facts About Constance Nunes

  1. She owns a 1964.5 mustang which she calls “babystang”.
  2. She builds cars for specialty shops
  3. She is vastly experienced with cars
  4. She is terrible at selfies
  5. Her ideal date is at the drag race
  6. She is a big influencer on social media
  7. She got into cars because of the experiences she has with her dad
  8. She has Gigs for a super bowl commercial
  9. Men stalk her page, vying for her attention
  10. She spends most of her time under a car

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Priscilla Chan Net Worth, Age, Career, And Biography



Priscilla Chan pictures

Priscilla Chan Biography

Priscilla Chan, popularly known as the wife of the co-founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta Platforms, Mark Zuckerberg, was born on the 24th of February,1985.

She is a former pediatrician as well as an American Philanthropist. She established the organization” Chan Zuckerberg Initiative” in December 2015 to promote human potential and equality in areas like health and education. They also pledged to transfer 99 percent of their Facebook shares, which was then valued at $45 billion.

Priscilla Chan’s Profile Summary

Date of birth: February 24,1985

Birthplace: Braintree, Massachusetts, U.S

Age: 37 years (as of 2021)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: American

Height: 1.65m

Famous as: Pediatrician, Philanthropist

Father: Dennis Chan

Mother: Yvonne Chan

Spouse: Mark Zuckerberg

Children: August Chan Zuckerberg, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg

Siblings: Michelle Chan, Elaine Chan

Education: Harvard University (SB), University of California, San Francisco (MD)

Religion: Buddhism

Net worth: $50 Billion

Early Life And History Of Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan who was born on February 24,1985 in Braintree, Massachusetts and grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts has Chinese immigrants as parents. They fled their country, Vietnam, to escape an oppressive government. She has two younger sisters.

While in Quincy High School, she was a brilliant student. At Harvard University to study Biology, she met Mark Zuckerberg.

After graduating in 2007, she proceeded to the University of California, San Franciscoin 2008. She is the first College graduate in her family after finishing her residency in Pediatrics in 2015. She speaks Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and English well.

Priscilla Chan’s Age

She is 38 years old as of this year

Priscilla Chan’s Height

Priscilla is 1.65m (5ft 5 in)

Priscilla Chan’s Net Worth

Priscilla Chan is worth $50 billion. She is best known for being the wife of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook although she is a former American Pediatrician. Being married to the ultra-rich tech entrepreneur resulted to her net worth, although significant portions of their wealth have been channeled towards philanthropy by the couple.

Personal Life

Priscilla Chan got married on May 19, 2012 to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. After going through three miscarriages; on December 1, 2015, the couple announced the birth of their daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. Chan have birth to their second daughter, August Chan Zuckerberg on August 28,2017.

Philanthropic Activities Of Priscilla Chan

Around $ 1.6 billion have has been pledged by Priscilla Chan and her husband to charities. She initially worked as a science teacher at the Harker school in San Jose, California. An investment of up to $1 billion in Facebook shares is linked to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which was founded by the couple in 2015. The organization is a limited liability company and not a charitable trust.

Their science program Chan Zuckerberg Science has an investment of $3 billion and the program aims at curing or managing diseases.

In 2017,she donated $50,000 to the Aloha Angels Endowed Fund, along with her husband. She plans to also launch a non-profit venture “The Primary School”.


Priscilla Chan was nominated alongside six other people for the third annual Visionary of the Year Award which was presented in March 2017 by the‘San Francisco Chronicle’. It is an award aimed at honoring those who help in making the world a better place through their contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Priscilla Chan

1.Is Mark Zuckerberg Still Married To Priscilla Chan?

Yes! The pair are still together to this day

 2.Is Zuckerberg’s Wife Chinese?

Although Priscilla’s parents were Chinese refugees, she is an American having been born and bred there. There is no public mention by her of being a Chinese.

3.How long has Mark Zuckerberg Been With Priscilla Chan?

They met in 2003 at a house party and got married in 2012. They’ve been together for nearly 10 years now (as of 2022)

4.Is Priscilla Chan Rich?

She is considered rich. She receives a salary of millions of dollars per year.

5.Where Is Priscilla Chan Originally From?

Priscilla Chan was born in Braintree, Massachusetts and grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

6.What Is Priscilla Chan’s Nationality?

She’s an American

7.Where Do The Zuckerberg’s Live?

The Zuckerberg’s live in Palo Alto, California. The home encompasses a living space of around 3,800 square feet. It is  located in College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto, California. The home which was  Originally built in 1903, covers an area of5, 1617-square-foot. For a $7 million home, it features 5-bedroom, 5.5-baths, and a large kitchen. There are also striking historical elements like coffered ceilings, sash windows, deep porches and French doors

8.Priscilla Chan’s Political Party

 Priscilla says neither she nor her husband are involved in any political party

9.Priscilla Chan’s Phone Number

Currently, her phone numbers are restricted

10.Priscilla Chan’s Email Address

There is no accessible email address but you can reach her on her social media handles:

11.Priscilla Chan’s Pet

She got a Hungarian Puli puppy with her husband, which they named ‘Beast’

12.Who Is Priscilla Chan’s Father?

Her Father’s name is Dennis Chan. He had to open a Chinese restaurant where he worked so hard to give his first daughter a good life

13.Who is Priscilla Chan’s Mother?

Her mother’s name is Yvonne Chan who also worked tirelessly to cater for the Children

14.Priscilla Chan’s Career

Priscilla co-founded a nonprofit organization in 2016 that would provide K-12 education as well as prenatal care, in East Palo Alto, California called “ The Primary School”. She is also chairs the board of the school.She also runs the “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative”

15.Priscilla Chan’s Interview

In an Interview with British Newspaper, Priscilla’s talks about how she shares chores with her husband. She also said her husband teaches their Children, Maxima and August how to code and recite prayers in Mandarin at bedtime.

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Renee Portnoy Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Biography



renee_portnoy PICTURES

Renee Portnoy Biography

Renee Portnoy was born on May 5, 1987, in Abington, MA, USA. Renee Portnoy is also known as Renee Satherthwaite Portnoy.

She is an American internet personality and equestrian. She is best known as the ex-wife of American businessman David Portnoy.

David became famous after a sex tape with an unidentified woman.

Profile summary

Real Name:  Renee Satherthwaite Portnoy

Famous As: Renee Portnoy

Gender: Female

Occupation / Profession: Equine buyer

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight or Gay

Date of Birth: May 5th 1987

Age: 35years (as of 2022)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Place of Birth: Abington, Massachusetts, USA

Height: 5 feet 7inches(170cm)

Marital Status: Divorced

Husband:  Divorced by David Portnoy

Renee Portnoy Age and Birthday

She was born on May 5, 1987, in Abington, MA, USA. Renee Portnoy is 35 years of age as of 2022. She marks her birthday on May 5th every year and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Renee Portnoy Height

Renee height measurement is of 5′ 7″ (170cm).

Renee Portnoy Weight

Renee weighs 121 lbs (55 kgs).

Renee Portnoy Husband

Renee got married to David Portnoy in 2009. In 2017 the couple divorced without any known reason.

Renee Portnoy Net Worth

Her Net Worth is between $1 Million and $3 Million. This amount has been increasing from her leading roles in the business industry.

Renee Portnoy and Dave Portnoy

Dave married Renee Satherthwaite in 2009. In January 2017, Portnoy separated from his wife. Dave Portnoy is an American internet celebrity, blogger, and founder of the satirical sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports.

In August 2019, the National Labor Relations Board commenced an investigation into Portnoy on charges that he illegally threatened to fire his workers if they unionize. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that if Portnoy tweets firing threats, he is breaking the law and can be sued. In December 2019, Portnoy settled with the National Labor Relations Board. The informal settlement required Portnoy to delete his threatening tweets and remove anti-union material created by Barstool Sports.

Renee Portnoy Social Media Presence

Renee Portnoy Instagram @renee_portnoy

Renee Portnoy Twitter @renee_portnoy

Frequently Asked Questions About Renee Portnoy

1.Who is Renee Satherthwaite?

Renee is an American internet personality and equestrian. She is best known as the ex-wife of American businessman David Portnoy. David became famous after a sex tape with an unidentified woman was leaked online.

2.How old is Renee Satherthwaite?

She was born on May 5, 1987.Renee is 35 years old as of 2022, in Massachusetts. She marks her birthday on May 5 every year.

3.How tall is Renee?

She has a height measurement of 5 feet 7inches(170cm). She also weighs 121 lbs (55 kgs)

4.Is Renee married?

Renee got married to David Portnoy in 2009. In 2017 the couple divorced. There is information as regards their Divorce.

5.How much is Renee worth?

Renee has a net Worth within the range of $1 Million and $3 Million. This amount has been increasing from her leading roles in the business industry.

6.Is Renee dead or alive?

Renee is fully alive in flesh and blood and she is in good health. There has never been any reports of her being sick or having any health-related issues.

7.Where is Renee now?

Renee is presently working as an internet personality and Equine Buyer.

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