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Brain Jotter Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos



Brain Jotter picture

Brain Jotter Biography

Chukwuemeka Amuzie (Born on February 5, 1995) Popularly Known as Brain Jotter is comedian, actor and content creator.

He is also a standup comedian and a full Instagram comedian, star and influencer.

Profile Summary

Real Name: Chukwuemeka Amuzie

Nick Name: Brain Jotter

Date of birth: February 5, 1995

Birthplace: Lagos State

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: Business Administration

Height: 1.75m

Famous as: Comedian, Actor and Content creator

State of Origin: Imo State

Educational Background and Career  

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Amuzie, widely known as Brain Jotter is an actor, comedian and content creator. He is currently 27 as of 2022 as he was born on the 5th of February 1995 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Amuzie.

Brain Jotter studied Business Administration at the University of Lagos and further studied at the University of Ghana.

He started his career as a standup comedian performing around Nigeria before eventually focusing on Instagram and other social media comedy. He is known for his unique acting. Apart from being set apart due to his humorous way of acting, he is also known for his “I don’t care” attitude and living carelessly in his skits.

He also always make a dramatic exits in his skits, majorly always saying “abeggetat” and then picking his slippers. He started his comedy skits in 2020 while featuring several stars such as Don Jazzy, Ada Jesus and the likes. He is an Instagram star and rising quickly and well in the comedy industry.

Brain Jotter Net Worth 

Brain Jotter’s net worth is estimated to be around 80Million naira  (approx. $200,000) as of 2022.

Brain Jotter Age

As of 2022, the time of writing this post, Brain Jotter is currently 27 years of age. Being born on the 5th of February 1995

Brain Jotter Height

Brain jotter is currently 1.75m or 175cm in height or 5’9.

Family and Relationship Life Of Brain Jotter

Currently, nothing is known of his mother or father. He was however born in Imo State making him an igbo boy. However, nothing regarding his family or siblings is known.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brain Jotter

Is Brain Jotter Married?

Brain Jotter is not known to be in any relationship currently. When he is, we will be the first to let you know.

Is Brain Jotter a Twin

Brain Jotter siblings are not known as he has decided to keep that part of his life private. Whether he is a twin or not is not known.

Brain Jotter Meaning

No literal meaning has been gotten to the Brain Jotter. When the meaning is disclosed, we will be first to inform you

Brain Jotter WhatsApp Number

We currently don’t have Brain Jotter’s whatsapp number, but you can reach him on Instagram: @brainjotter or Twitter: @brainjotter_ or YouTube: BrainJotter Comedian or Facebook: Brain Jotter Comedian.

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Chico Bean Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Daughter, Bio



Chico Bean pic

Chico Bean Biography

Anthony Jamal Bean popularly known as Chico Bean was born on the 20th of February 1987 in Washington DC.

He is a comedian, writer, singer, and popular actor in the MTV comedy show “Wild N Out.”

Chico Bean Profile Summary

Real Name: Anthony Jamal Bean

Date of birth: Feb 20, 1987

Birthplace: Washington DC

Age: 35 (as of 2022)

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Nationality: American

Height: 5’9” 1.79m

Famous as: Comedian, producer, actor, rapper

Father: Unknown

Mother: Tawanda Bean

Siblings: Unknown

Children: 1,Pierce Chanel

Early life and History of Chico Bean

Chico Bean was born in America, Washington DC, and was raised there. The story of Chico Bean is quite tragic and traumatizing as he lost about 6 of his family members to gunfire in the streets of Washington including his father when he was two.

This led to his mother singlehandedly raising him and his siblings. His mother had to work day and night to meet up with the expenses of living such as food, shelter, clothing, and education. He attended Winston Salem State University in 1982 after graduating from high school. He is of African American descent.

Chico Bean Comedy career

Chico Bean is known to have a great sense of humor. He started his comedy career in college in North Carolina where he got people talking and paying him attention. Chico Bean started with a standup comedy in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2007.

He went ahead to form a comedy group called Freestyle Comedy Show with B-Daht and Darren Brand. DeMar Ranking Sr (OsamaBinDrankin) later joined the team performing in different universities, clubs, and colleges.

Chico came to the spotlight when Nick Cannon came to see him and then flew him over for his show, Gotham Comedy Show to perform in 2011. Nick Cannon was impressed with Chico’s intentionality being that the rules given to Chico were not what he was used to. Yet he performed by rewriting his scripts. He was also a writer and actor for the E! Network sketch comedy series and a member of the famous comedy club, FamousFaceWiki.

Chico Bean Acting career

Chico Bean is also known to be an actor, a popular one at that. He made his major spotlight when he heard about the “Wild N Out” series going and debuted for it.

He had to pass through three stages before he was eventually picked. The episodes he was supposed to be featured in were just three in season 5, but he went ahead to feature in about 126 episodes in the series due to his excellent way of acting. After the end of season 9, He was tagged the “Most Valuable Player”.

Chico Bean was also featured in HuffPost and Steve Harvey Live Conversation as a guest. He further contributed as a writer to The James David Project while also appearing in a few episodes of Trivial Takedown, a comedy game show. He was also called as a guest in a show titled Sister Circle in 2019.

Chico Bean Music career

Chico Bean is also known for his musical prowess. He has about 9 songs he sang and featured in including “Crack Smoke In Your Body”, “Black People Sing Too Long”, “Nigga When” and so many others.

He also filmed a music video called  “Bright Skin Charlamagne” and performed in the song “Mouth and Lip Service” which was used as a feature in the “Wild ‘n Out: Wildstyle Vol. 1”.

Chico Bean Age

Chico Bean is 35years Old as of 2022.

Chico Bean Height

How tall is Chico beans? – Chico Bean Stands at a height of 5’9” 1.79m

Chico Bean Net Worth 

Chico Bean can be seen as a person that has multiple streams of income as he does several things. He is a comedian, a writer, an actor, an entrepreneur, a musician, and even a producer.

While his primary source of income comes from his career as a comedian, he also has a Merch store where he sells hoodies and full-facebeanies with detailed embroidery on both.

He has various songs and productions in his name which the people enjoyed and danced to which in turn must have brought more money to him.

He was also a cast on the comedy movie “Wild N Out” where he must have made a lot of money as he appeared in several episodes of the series totaling 126.

He is estimated to be worth about $4 million as of 2022 even though he hasn’t made it public. 

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Family and Relationship life of Chico Bean

It is unknown to the media whether Chico Bean is married or not. While some believe he is married and just likes to keep his life private, some believe that he is currently single and not in a relationship.

However, he has a daughter named Pierce Chanel. He seldom mentions his daughter and mother on his social media page, but that is the only hint he has given us concerning his family life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chico Bean

1.Chico Bean’s Daughter’s Name

Chico Bean’s daughter’s name is Pierce Chanel and she is 11 years old as of 2022.

2.Is Chico Bean Married?

There is no information as to Chico Bean getting married asides from the tweet he made in 2015 “I wanna get Married, TO MY SIDECHICK, I wanna get Married, TO MY SIDECHICK, I’m bout to get married”. Whether he has gotten married now or not is something that is not known to the public.

3.Chico Bean Contact

We do not have his contact, but you can reach him on

Instagram via @chicobean

Twitter via @chicobean,

and Facebook via @OldSchoolFool.

3.Chico Bean Mom

Chico Bean’s mom is Tawanda Bean.

4.Chico Bean Wife

He is not known to be married yet and the sidechick he mentioned in his tweet in 2015 is not known.

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Woody Mcclain Height, Age, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth



Woody Mcclain

Woody McClain Biography

Edward Woody McClain (Born on May 14, 1988) is an American Actor, Comedian, Dancer, and Entertainer. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida alongside his sibling.

His stage name is woody the great.

Woody McClain Wikipedia

Real Name: Edward Woody McClain

Date of Birth: May 14, 1989

Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Nationality: American

Profession: Actor, Dancer, Comedian, and Entertainer.

Social Media Handle: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Educational Background and Career

The comedian graduated from Robert E. Lee High School, USA.

Woody gained admission into Florida A&M University’08.He later relocated to Los Angeles to chase his career as a pro-dancer. We don’t really have much details about his Education.

Woody has performed as a back-up dancer for artists and bands like Fifth harmony and Chris Brown.

After succeeding being a dancer, he started creating original amazing social media Content which started having some engagements.

He then noticed that he could make people laugh.

In December 2015, Woody took the bold step to sign up with Kelvin Hart’s Production Company, ‘HartBeat Digital’ just to produce contents after his version of Hart’s “Permission to Cuss” skit which went viral and caught Hart’s attention.

Woody’s first foray into acting was a huge success when he was sent to audition for BET’s The New Edition Story and landed the lead role as Bobby Brown.

He has agreed to reprise his role as Bobby Brown in BET’s Bobby Brown Story.

Next, he’ll be seen on the big screen in Canal Street, where he’ll play “MayMay,” which will be released in February 2018. His forthcoming ventures include a role in USA’s “Unsolved,” which is presently in production.

Apart from being known in his acting’s, he is executively making his own titled stories with kev.

He has also collaborated with Kevin Hart for a streaming series based on Kelvin Hart’s Most Iconic Stand-up bits and Stories.

New Episodes are released Every Friday on Hart’s #1-rated streaming video service, “Laugh Out Loud”.


Black Reel [Winner] (2017)

Outstanding Actor, TV Movie/Limited Series

Woody McClain Wife

He is single and has not gotten married neither has there been any form regarding his girlfriend.

Woody McClain Height

Woody stands at a Height of 6’2” (188cm)

Woody McClain Net Worth

Woody McClain Net Worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

His major source of income is his career as a dancer, comedian, entertainer and an actor.

Woody McClain Age

Woody McClain is 34years old as of 2022

Frequently asked questions about Woody McClain

1.Was Woody McClain a dancer for Chris Brown

Woody was a professional dancer who performed with artist like Chris Brown and Fifth Harmony.

2.Is Woody McClain related to China Anne McClain?

Some many persons has always have the assumptions that China Anne McClain is the sister to woody. However, there is no confirmation about this fact.

As regarding China Anne, her dad Michael McClain is a Music Producer.

3.What instrument did Woody McClain play?

He plays the Instrument tuba.

4.Who are McClain’s Sisters

No record.

Woody McClain Movies

Below are some of the movies woody acted.

  1. Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
  2. Detroit (2017)
  3. The Glass Shield (1994)
  4. Romper Stomper (1992)
  5. Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
  6. Paris Trout (1991)
  7. A Gathering of Old Men (1987)
  8. Boiling Pot (2015)
  9. The Watermelon Man (1970)
  10. True Believer (1989)
  11. Restored Me (2016)
  12. The New Edition Story (2017)
  13. lion king 2019
  14. John Wick: Chapter 3 –Parabellum (2019)
  15. Crawl 2019 (2019)
  16. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
  17. An Acceptable Loss (2018)
  18. American Brawler (2019)
  19. Fences (2016)
  20. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
  21. The Hate U Give (2018)
  22. Gringo (2018)
  23. Divergent (2014)
  24. BlacKkKlansman (2018)

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Tunde Ednut  Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name  and Biography



tunde ednut

Biography of Tunde Ednut

Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, popularly known as Tunde Ednut was born on the 20th of January.  He’s a Nigerian comedian, blogger, former music artist,  one of the most popular social media influencers (particularly on Instagram). Tunde Ednut hails from Kogi State.

He was born in Kastina in the 1980s and moved to Lagos with his family in the 1990s. He attended Cambridge International School for his primary education and Federal Government College Ugwolawo in Kogi State for his secondary education.  He graduated from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he studied Graphic Arts.  Tunde continued his studies in Graphic Designs at the Kingsland University of London after moving to the United States.

He is the only son of his parents with 2 sisters.

Tunde is regarded as a celebrity with a short career in the Nigerian music industry; he started as a comedian before switching to music.

Tunde was known to be a funny teenage boy. Back when he was in high school. Tunde recognized he had a gift for comedy and decided to give it a try after listening to various Nigerian comedians and imitating their jokes to his classmates in school before gaining admission to the University Of Lagos.

Tunde Ednut Profile Summary

Full name: Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle

 Date of birth: 20th January

 Place of birth: Katsina State

Nationality: Nigerian

Spouse: Erica Emefa

Profession: Comedian, social media influencer, singer

 Net worth of Tunde Ednuut: $300, 000

Height: 155cm


Tunde Ednut was invited to perform at the Dynamiks Awards in Nigeria in 2007, and he accepted. With a number of top media and entertainment figures in attendance, the award show was a big deal. Tunde Delivered a fantastic comedy show, and the crowd was blown away by his performance. He’s widely known for his consistent media update on social media and his giveaways.

Tunde drew the attention of some top media figures at the time, including Femi Amusan and the Black Nights Entertainment crew, during his live performances (A top Nigerian entertainment company based in the Uk at that time).

He demonstrated his exceptional talent on stage and was then invited to perform in the United Kingdom, where he met top artists and musicians with extensive connections. Tunde was extremely lucky enough to gain a lot of exposure for his brand, and he went on to perform alongside some of the biggest names in Africa’s music industry. During his time in the UK, he established himself as one of Nigeria’s best comedians based in the country at the time. Tunde has had a history of controversies with celebrities such as Bobrisky, Wizkid, and Tonto Dike, a Nigerian female actor, and these issues will continue to surface as long as he remains a vibrant blogger.

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Tunde Ednut girlfriend

Tunde is in a relationship with his Ghanaian Girlfriend, Erica Emefa. . Erica is an Instagram model and social media content creator.

Music Career

He returned to Nigeria to pursue music after completing his studies in the United Kingdom. He owned the Nutcase Record label during his time in the industry.  He released Jingle Bell featuring Davido, Seun Kuti, and Tiwa Savage.

The song “Catching Cold Remix” featuring Dr. Sid was his most successful track. It appeared as if his long-awaited dream was gradually becoming a reality, but it’s too bad that his motivation and desire to become a musician faded over time. He is now a full-time Instagram influencer with significant power and influence in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Some of Tunde Ednut songs are:

  • Jingle Bell
  • Philomena
  • Kosowo
  • Buga Won
  • Baby Boo
  • Catching Cold



Blogging career

Tunde is a self-hosted Word press blogger in addition to acting and music. In the year 2019, he began working as a blogger.

Tunde Ednut Net Worth

For quite some time, the comedian has worked in the entertainment industry. His money-making ventures, such as comedy, music, and blogs, have also netted him a sizable sum of money. As of 2021, he has a net worth of around $300,000 dollars.


The Comedian was Born on the 20th of January. Due to personal reasons, his year of birth has been kept private, but it is assumed that he was born in the 1980s.

Awards and nominations

Some of his awards and nominations are listed below:

  • Nominated for Nigeria Future Awards (2007 and 2008)
  • Dynamiks Youths Awards (nominations in 2007 – 2009)
  • Dynamiks Youths Awards (Winner in 2009)
  • Award for the best Nigerian Comedian in the UK and Young achievers’ awards


Frequently Asked Questions about Tunde Ednut

Tuned Ednut house and cars

Where does Tunde Ednut live

1. Tunde Ednut birthday

His birthday is  on the 20th of January

 2.Tunde Ednut tribe

Tunde Ednut is from Kogi State

3. How much does Tunde Ednut charge for an Advert on Instagram?

Tunde Ednut, one of Nigeria’s most popular Instagram bloggers with over 2.6 million followers, charges N100,000 per advert.

His Instagram page, which has over 66,000 posts, is one of the most engaging and entertaining Nigerian blogs on the platform, and he has successfully and productively promoted brands and individuals.

4. Why was His Instagram Account Deactivated?

Tunde Ednut  IG account was deactivated because he had content violating Instagram’s community guidelines which include, body shaming, cyberbullying, and degrading women.

His first IG account was deactivated for spam on the 22nd of December, 2020, then on the 10th of January 2021, he created another account with the username kingtundeednut.  When he opened another account, he quickly ran some ads. After attaining 1 million followers, he did a giveaway of one million naira to his fans.

He was so happy that he got almost 67% of his followers not knowing that his second account would be deactivated. Surprisingly, on the 13th of Jan, 2021 his account was deactivated by Instagram for reasons unknown to the masses.

After that deactivation, he reactivated his account, which was a backup account that he created after the first was deactivated. He current IG user name is ___________


Tunde is widely regarded as a social media bully who takes pleasure in attacking others on his 2.8+ million-follower Instagram page. Many celebrities and ordinary people alike, follow him. He is a big supporter of Dino Melaye. Some of Tunde’s controversies are listed below.

1. Tunde vs Bob Risky

Tunde Ednut and Bobrisky’s feud is said to have started after Tunde made fun of the male diva on a regular basis. Bobrisky, as one might expect, did not back down. Bobrisky eventually came out to say that Tunde had asked him out, but he had declined because he was not feeling it. The drama continued to unfold as a result of Tunde’s social media rant, which included him exposing Bobrisky for not being able to pay his house rent.

2. Tunde VS Tonto Dike


Tunde and Tonto Dike had a heated argument, which resulted in a series of squabbles between the two. Tunde  launcheded an attack on a ferocious Tonto Dike, who did not spare Tunde and reminded him of his failed music career.


Joro Olumofin, Mr. P of the defunct PSquare group, Tacha, a disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate, Harry Song, Kemi Olunloyo, Oyemykke, Comedian, Mr. Jollof, and a slew of other celebrities with whom Tunde Ednut has clashed include Joro Olumofin, Mr. P of the defunct PSquare group, Harry Song, Kemi

3.Tunde Vs Wizkid

We don’t know what happened between Tunde Ednut and Wizkid, but Ednut was very vocal on his Instagram Live, using a lot of F-words in reference to the young legend Wizkid. We’re not sure if he was just trying to get Wizzy’s attention or if Wizkid had previously snubbed him. Whatever the case may have been, he was not afraid to let the world know how he felt! On the plus side, he favors Davido over Wizkid.

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