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Netflix (Login, Sign Up, Movies and F.A.Q)

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Netflix (Login, Sign Up, Movies and F.A.Q)

Originally posted 2022-12-17 15:44:50.

Netflix, Inc. is an American company that offers production and subscription streaming services. They offer unlimited films and television series, and also produce their own films known as Netflix Originals.

Signing up with Netflix

To begin enjoying unlimited movies, Tv shows, documentaries, and lots more on Netflix, you have to join millions of subscribers around the world. As a Netflix user/subscriber, you are charged monthly, and you can change or cancel your subscription plan at any time.

You can sign up on Netflix at any time with various devices, by following these simple steps:

Signing up on Netflix with an Android phone:

Using your android phone, you can either download the Netflix app from Google Play Store or Visit your mobile browser.

  • On your mobile browser, visit /sign up to sign up on Netflix
  • Choose a subscription plan (you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)
  • Proceed to create an account by entering your email and creating a password
  • Choose a payment method (either debit or credit card or PayPal) Enter payment details (card details or log into PayPal)
  • Select start membership and enjoy streaming.

Using the Netflix app to register, you have to wait for an email from Netflix to finish signing up.

Signing up on Netflix with your iOS devices:

The Netflix IOS app, doesn’t support the sign-up features, and the Netflix app only runs on an iOS 13.0 or higher devices.

  • On your IOS device, visit up
  • Choose a subscription plan (you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)
  • Proceed to create an account Select a payment method (choose to subscribe with iTunes)
  • Enter payment details (Apple ID or Touch ID)
  • You can now sign in on the Netflix app and enjoy streaming .

To enjoy Netflix on your smart TV and set-top box:

  • Open the Netflix app Create an account by entering your details.
  • For smart TVs, you will receive an email with your activation link to continue your sign-up process
  • Choose a subscription plan
  • Select a payment method Start streaming

Netflix Subscription plans

Netflix has 3 subscription plans. They are:

  • Netflix Basic Plan: This plan costs $7.99 per month. With this plan, you can watch movies, TV shows and others, on one device, although you can’t stream them using HD or ultra HD.
  • Netflix Standard plan: This plan costs $9.99 monthly. With this plan, you get to stream movies on 2 different devices at the same time using HD.
  • Netflix Premium plan: This plan costs $11.99 per month. Subscribing to this plan gives you access to stream videos on 4 different devices at the same time, using both HD and ultra HD.

No matter the Netflix plan you subscribe to, you are at liberty to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime, as well as enjoy a one-month free trial.

How to Enjoy Netflix free for one month

To stream videos on Netflix, you have to pay for a subscription plan. However, your first month on Netflix is totally free, and you can decide to cancel your subscription before the end of your free month to avoid making payments.

To get and enjoy Netflix for free using your mobile browser, or desktop:

  • Visit
  • At the bottom of the page is a red bar that says Join Free For a Month, click on it
  • Select the subscription plan you want (if you will be paying after your one-month free trial, you should choose a cheaper plan, otherwise you should select a plan that allows HD or even Ultra HD streaming)
  • Click on continue and proceed to create your account (Use a valid email address)
  • Select a means to pay for Netflix services and enter payment details (card details)
  • Select start membership and begin streaming on Netflix for free.

To enjoy Netflix for free on your mobile device or iOS, just download the Netflix app, click on the Netflix icon and follow the same steps above.

How to Cancel your Netflix subscription

To enjoy your full Netflix free one month subscription without renewing it, you have to cancel your membership before the renewal period. You can also cancel your Netflix subscription if you no longer want to enjoy streaming.

Follow these steps to easily cancel your Netflix subscription/membership:

  • Visit and sign in
  • On the Netflix homepage, click on your profile icon
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, choose accounts In the top left corner
  • select cancel membership
  • Select finish cancellation to successfully end your subscription/membership.

How to Change your Netflix subscription plan

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan:

  • Sign in to your Netflix account on any device
  • Click on your profile icon
  • From the drop-down menu, select Billing Details
  • Proceed to change your subscription plan.

Understanding Netflix’s billing process

When you become a member of Netflix, you are automatically billed and charged monthly on your sign-up date. It takes days for this charge to appear on your account.

Your billing date may come a day earlier or later because of the difference in time zone.

Some Advantages of streaming on Netflix

  • Netflix has lots of movies and Shows on offer
  • It offers the most popular on demand contents
  • It is easy to understand and use
  • It offers lots of originals in high quality

Disadvantages of streaming Netflix

  • It doesn’t offer life TV or any Sports
  • It is expensive

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