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Mexico, the country where a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Sugar Baby” is most sought after


Mexico, the country where a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Sugar Baby” is most sought after

Mexico, the country where a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Sugar Baby” is most sought after

Apparently, there are many Mexican women interested in having a boyfriend, of much older age, who gives them gifts and pays them for things. And there is also interest in men with that profile, that is, “Sugar Daddy”, giving these gifts to a young girlfriend or “Sugar baby”.

According to data from the German platform ““, the highest concentration of users is found in major cities such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and Lima. Philip Cappelletti, executive director of the site, indicated that “it is likely that these results have to do directly with the economic level of each country, as well as their opportunities.”

For society, it is already normal to see couples with considerable differences in age, either because they are very old, or failing that, very young.

It is estimated that of the 1,134 people who visit “MySuggarDaddy”, 81% are women, and only 19% are men. The male gender is not very interested in this activity, according to the results of the application.

Is Having a “Sugar Baby” and “Sugar Daddy” a Normal Thing?

Cappelletto explained, in statements quoted by “Blu Radio”, that having a “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Baby” has become a lifestyle, not only for Latin America but also for European countries.

In addition, according to him, there are users who have been subscribed to these platforms for more than 10 years, especially in Germany, where the search that is generated the most is “Sugar Daddies”.

One of the policies that Cappelletti tries to clarify in the application is that, between couples, they try to leave conditions to lead a relationship that convinces them.

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