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How to Make Money on Jumia

How to Make Money on Jumia

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How to Make Money on Jumia

Originally posted 2022-12-18 01:33:19.

Jumia is an African leading e-commerce brand, that offers almost all comfort and Luxury products, that people need to live comfortable lives, ranging from phones, fashion, electronic appliances, cameras, and lots more. They deliver these goods within 1-5 days to any state in Nigeria.

Making money on Jumia, is a very easy and stress-free process, that you can do from the comfort of your own home,  all you need is a computer or mobile device, and a stable internet connection.

How to Make Money on Jumia

You can make money from Jumia in the following ways:

  • Become an independent sales consultant through the JForce program
  • Become an affiliate of Jumia
  • Become a seller on Jumia

 1. Become an independent Sales Consultant through the JForce program:

To become an independent sales consultant on Jumia, you will need to have your own sales team (a strong network of sales consultants), register your team, and start selling Jumia products and earning with your team.

The Jumia JForce program is the offline arm of Jumia, where salesmen and women make orders for themselves, and others, earning a commission in the process. Most people in the JForce program, are those who own physical stores and make large goods orders(bulk orders).

You can make up to one million naira (#1,000,000) per month as an independent sales consultant for Jumia.

 How to become a JForce sales consultant

  • To begin this journey, click here  to Signup for the JForce program
  • Enter your details/information
  • You can register as an order point, if you own a physical store, or register as an individual if you don’t have a store, and upgrade later.
  • After 48 hours, you will receive a mail and a call from Jumia to give you more information and onboard you if your registration process was successful.

How to place your order as a JForce sales consultant

  • Download the Jumia app from the Google play store for Android users or the Apple store for iPhone users
  • Open your Jumia app
  • Log into the Jumia app with your JForce details
  • Search from the available categories for the products you want.
  • When you see the product you want, add it to your cart
  • Increase or decrease the number of particular products you want to order by clicking on the plus or minus sign.
  • When you have confirmed all the products you added to your cart are what you want
  • Select the option to complete your order
  • Fill in the delivery address of where you want the goods to go to
  • Select a delivery option (either home delivery or nearest pickup station delivery)
  • Select your desired payment option (either payment on delivery or pay online), if you have a JForce voucher, this is the point to enter the code and use it.
  • Go ahead and view the summary of your order, and complete your order.

2. Become a Jumia Affiliate:

When you become an affiliate, you promote Jumia products and get to earn up to 11% commission on any sale made through your affiliate link. To be successful as an affiliate, you will need to have a website, a blog, or an active social media account (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, e.t.c)

To earn as an affiliate is simple, all you need to do is sign up for Jumia’s affiliate program, look for hot products, and promote them using your affiliate link, then track and record your commission.

Jumia Nigeria also provides free advertising materials like banners, to help you promote their various products. The good thing about Jumia Affiliate Program is that the more you promote and sell their products, you get upgraded to a premium affiliate, where you get to earn an even higher commission.

Click here to get started on your affiliate journey.

3. Become a Seller on Jumia:

If you have your own genuine products and services, you can easily sell them on Jumia. Jumia allows you to list your products and services for sale online.

To become a seller on Jumia, you must register as a seller on Jumia Marketplace, when your registration is successful, you can start listing and selling your products on Jumia Nigeria Market place.  You also get benefits from their promotions and marketing materials as a seller.

Jumia’s customer support service Number is always available to help you through the registration process if you need their assistance. You can reach them on 0700 6000 000.

Jumia Vouchers

Jumia Vouchers is a system developed by Jumia, which they use to appreciate their new and existing customers for patronizing them, by offering discounts using special codes known as Jumia Coupon codes.

These Jumia Coupon codes are what you actually use to redeem discounts on any products on Jumia. Jumia Vouchers help save your money and time.

How to get and use Jumia Vouchers Codes

  1. Visit Jumia Voucher to get a valid Jumia discount code
  2. Copy the code on the Voucher
  3. Enter the code into the coupon box section
  4. Click on the enter button
  5. The amount on the Voucher is deducted from your purchase
  6. To complete your purchase, select confirm the order.

Jumia offers both daily and weekly vouchers, and all vouchers have an expiry date, so do not procrastinate when it comes to redeeming your vouchers.

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Jumia Coupon codes

Jumia Coupon code allows you to get the best deals from Jumia with little or no terms and conditions, while the vouchers come with terms and conditions. Jumia Coupon codes literally put more money in your pockets, as they either reduce the amount you pay for goods or the shipping fee.

Visit the official Jumia Voucher Codes page today, and get up to 57% off purchases.

Apart from the Jumia Voucher Code, and Jumia Coupon code, Jumia has other discount opportunities for their new and existing customers, called the Jumia Flash sales.

FAQs about Making money from Jumia

1. Can I earn money on  Jumia?

Yes, you can earn money from Jumia by either becoming an affiliate or a Jumia seller.

2. How profitable is it to sell on Jumia?

It’s very profitable to sell on Jumia, as thousands of people visit the website/app daily to buy things, you just need to discover a hot product to sell or market.

3. How do I get more sales on Jumia?

To sell more on Jumia, you need to either apply to use Jumia marketing services, or improve your product description, product image, and price.

4. How can I make money with the Jumia app?

You can make money on the Jumia app by becoming an affiliate, a seller, or a sales consultant for Jumia.

5. What are the requirements to sell in Jumia?

To become a Jumia seller, you need to register on the Jumia platform, complete the training for new sellers on the platform, list your products and start selling.

6. What Percentage of my sales does Jumia take?

For every product you list on Jumia, Jumia takes between 5% – 7.5% as tax.

7. What is Voucher used for in Jumia?

Vouchers are used to get a discount when you order goods from Jumia.

8. Does Jumia Vouchers expire?

Yes, all Jumia Vouchers have an expiry datethe rest, which they clearly state on the Voucher.

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