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How to create a WhatsApp Tv and Earn from It

How to create a WhatsApp Tv and Earn from It

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How to create a WhatsApp Tv and Earn from It

Originally posted 2022-12-17 20:03:22.

WhatsApp Television popularly known as Whatsapp Tv is a trademarked/branded account whose main aim is to entertain, educate, and inform, people on Whatsapp through their status shows, using business Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp is an Android Whatsapp app that has extra features that the normal Whatsapp doesn’t have.

You are encouraged to use the Whatsapp business or GB Whatsapp instead of the normal Whatsapp, as it allows you to add as many contacts as you want, and your WhatsApp Tv can only be successful when you have lots of viewers.

Requirements to start a WhatsApp Tv

Apart from having a large number of viewers, there are other requirements to run a successful Whatsapp Tv. They include:

A good Mobile Device (Android or IOS device).

WhatsApp Business or GB Whatsapp


Brand Name


Video editing apps

A large audience (from 1500 Active Contacts and Above)

1.A Good Mobile Device:

To start a WhatsApp Tv, you will need a good Mobile Device that has good RAM and a high ROM, that can allow you to carry out tasks smoothly without hanging. Since you will have to save a lot of numbers, and receive lots of messages with it I will recommend you use an Android device with at least 4-6GB RAM, and 64-128GB storage space.

2.WhatsApp Business or GB Whatsapp:

When creating a WhatsApp Tv, it is advised that you have a personal Whatsapp account from the Tv. WhatsApp Business is best for creating a WhatsApp Tv as it allows you to:

Set up details about your business

Set up automatic message reply

Keep track of your messages, and

Use a logo

All these cannot be done with the normal Whatsapp. You can get the Whatsapp business on Google Play Store or Apple App Store


Choose a particular area of specification or more, as this will help your audience to know what to expect from your Tv. If you don’t know how to choose a niche that suits you, I recommend you select a niche you love to talk about or research, so that you won’t get bored when making research. Also make sure that whatever niche you choose, relates to your brand name. For example, if your niche is sports, then your Tv name must be sports related.

There are many profitable niches on Whatsapp, some of the most popular ones include:

S3x (p0rn0graphic videos and photos)





Betting Tips

Life style

Business tips

4.Brand Name:

Like earlier stated, your brand name should be related to your niche, and it shouldn’t be too long. It should be short as possible, and it should convey what you do on your Tv.


A logo is very important when creating a WhatsApp Tv, as it reflects everything about your brand. Your logo should be eye-catching, and very unique. You can generate or create a logo using Canvas or which automatically generates a logo for you.

6.Video and photo editing apps:

Video editing apps are a necessity when you run a WhatsApp Tv. They help you add watermarks, increase your video and image quality, or add your Tv name or logo to a post. Some of these apps include:

Adobe Photoshop


Photo collage

Photo grid


Light works


Video cut



7.A large Audience:

Your Whatsapp Tv won’t be successful without your audience. Since you will be saving lots of contacts, you are advised to save their contacts on your Gmail, as it has unlimited storage space while your phone and Sim storage space is limited.

This is where GB Whatsapp comes in, when you are building your audience, you need a customized link that will serve as your call to action, and GB Whatsapp helps you to create this link or you could still use a WhatsApp link generator. When your WhatsApp link is ready, you can now proceed to begin adverting your Tv by:

Announce to your WhatsApp contacts that you now own a WhatsApp Tv and send them your link to join.

Promoting your WhatsApp link on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, telegram e.t.c

Telling your friends to help you post your Tv link on their Whatsapp status or other social media platforms.

Doing advert for advert with another Whatsapp Tv, i.e, they post your link and you post theirs.

Post your WhatsApp link on groups and ask people to join.

Do a referral contest: You send your WhatsApp link to your current contacts and ask them to refer people to your Tv, have a price for a particular number of referrals.

How to set up your WhatsApp Tv

Open the already installed Business Whatsapp, and verify your phone number

The logo you have designed beforehand should be used as your profile picture, and your display name should be your Tv name.

Proceed to settings and edit your auto-reply messages. As long as you are online, this message will automatically reply to messages.

As you have successfully created your WhatsApp Tv, the next step you need to follow before thinking of monetizing your WhatsApp Tv is to:

Backup: Ensure you are constantly backing up your contacts and contents with Google drive so that you won’t lose your contacts or hard work if something happens to your phone.

Post Regularly:

To keep your and increase your Tv viewers, you need to post regularly and keep your viewers updated. Don’t let your posts be boring, spice it up by posting photos, videos, and text content. Always remember to add your Tv name or logo with your phone number on it, as this will allow more people to join your Tv if your post is shared and they like your content.

Connect and communicate with your audience:  Your Whatsapp Tv shouldn’t only be about posting, you should also try to connect, communicate and engage with your viewers, as this will make them actively drawn to your Tv. Some TV’s engage with their viewers by doing data and airtime giveaways, MCM and WCW contests, freaky Friday, health Saturday, and even confession nights.

How to make money from Whatsapp Tv

You can make money from your WhatsApp Tv by doing the following:


Before you start advertising on your WhatsApp Tv, make sure to have at least 500-1000 daily viewers, as people placing the ads may like to see evidence of your popularity before placing their ads. Charge people a particular fee to post an advert for a particular period.

Selling your products:

You can take advantage of the number of viewers you have to sell your goods or services if you have, but if you don’t, it could also be an avenue for you to start your business. You could start an online class and sell your knowledge on a particular skill to your followers.

Selling other people’s products:

This is called affiliate marketing, you could sell other people’s products or services and get a commission. To do this you may want to reach out to the company or business owner and propose your idea to them. Once you have an agreement, all you need to do is create short and engaging content about the product together with your affiliate link, and post it on your Tv.

You can use your WhatsApp Tv to drive traffic to your blog page if you are a blogger.

FAQs about Whatsapp Tv

1.How does Whatsapp Tv work?

WhatsApp Tv is a WhatsApp account that is used to entertain, educate and inform viewers by posting on your WhatsApp Status.

2.How much can you make from Whatsapp Tv monthly?

You can make anything between #100,000-300,000 monthly from your WhatsApp Tv, through posting ads for individuals and organizations,  both yours and other people’s products.

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