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Davido Net Worth, Age, Career, and Biography



picture of Davido

Davido’s biography

David Adedeji Adeleke is popularly known as Davido. He was born on the 21st of November 1992. Davido is a talented Nigerian-American singer, record producer, and writer. In Nigeria, he’s the most followed celebrity on Instagram. He is among the Top influential artists in Africa.

Davido Profile Summary

Date of birth: November 21, 1992

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

Age: 29 years old (as of 2021)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Nationality: Nigerian

Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

Famous as: Singer-Songwriter

Father: Adedeji Adeleke

Mother: Veronica Adeleke

Siblings: Adewale Adeleke, Sharon Adeleke

A Brief summary of Davido’s Music career

The peak into Davido’s career flamed up when he sang “Dami Duro” in 2012 from his debut studio album omo baba olowo. He gloriously won the next rated award at the headlines in 2012. He had a string of hit singles between 2013 and 2015 before signing a record deal with Sony Music in January 2016. After then, he founded the record label (DMW) which means Davido Music worldwide, after the creation of the record label, he signed Mayokun, Dremo, and Peruzzi.

Davido signed a record deal with Sony’s RCA Records in July 2016. He released the 5-track EP Son of Mercy in October 2016, which featured the singles “Gbagbe Oshi,” “How Long,” and “Coolest Kid in Africa.”

Davido renegotiated his contract with Sony in April 2017 due to creative control issues, and he released five singles later that year, which include “Fall” and “If.”

“Fall” — “money fall on you, banana fall on you, cause I’m in love with you”, automatically became the longest-charting pop song in Nigerian Billboard history while “IF”- “if I tell you say I love you, my money, my body na your own ooh”’ generated a large worldwide social media activity.

In November 2019, Davido unveiled his second studio album, A Good Time, which was followed by singles such as “Blow My Mind.” In 2019, New African magazine named Davido one of the Top 100 most influential Africans. On the 13th of  November, 2020, he released his third studio album, “A Better Time.”


Early life and History of Davido

David Adedeji Adeleke was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 12th of November 1992. Davido’s father’s name is Adedeji Adeleke,  a business tycoon, and his mother Vero Adeleke, who was a University Lecturer. Davido is the second born of his father and the youngest of five siblings. He went to the British International School in Lagos, Nigeria, before returning to the United States to study business administration at Oakwood University in Alabama at the age of 16.

When he was at Oakwood, Davido bought musical equipment and started making beats. He worked with some of his cousins, named B-Red and Sina Rambo, to form the music group KB International.

Davido dropped out of Oakwood University to focus solely on music and relocated to London to perfect his vocals. Davido paused his music career after returning to Nigeria in 2011 and agreed to enroll at Babcock University to honor his father, only after his father paid the university to start a music department for an inaugural class of one student, where he graduated from Babcock in July 2015 with a degree in music.

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Davido Net Worth in 2021

In 2019, Davido’s net worth was estimated to be $16 million in 2019, but in 2021, his net worth grew to an estimate of $25 million.

Davido’s net worth was estimated to be $25 million in 2020, and as of January 2021, his net worth is still estimated to be $25 million. The musician’s net worth was estimated to be $16 million in 2019.

As the year goes by, Davido however, continued to release hit songs on multiple platforms, allowing him to grow massively in the entertainment industry.

Apart from his coming from a wealthy background, Davido is a hustler who wants to make his own money, and have a good name rather than depending on his father’s wealth. A lot of persons have this misconception, saying stuff like Davido wouldn’t have gone far if not for his father’s wealth”. Davido on the other hand is a complete package, and all through his career, he has had lots of endorsement deals. Forbes listed Davido as one of the African artists who produces and releases songs that tops different charts.

Properties and Cars owned by Davido;  Apart from endorsement deals Davido has, he also owns other properties. He owns a mansion in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, which is worth N140 million. Also, he owns a house in Atlanta, in the United States.

Davido’s House in Lekki

Davido’s House in Lekki

Davido's new house in Banana Island

Davido’s new house in Banana Island


When talking about cars, he has a fleet of cars worth millions of naira. They include a Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Carrera, Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Camaro GS, a range Rover Sports, and many more.

When it comes to cars, Davido is said to have a fleet of cars including a Porsche Carrera, a Bentley Bentayga, a Range Rover Sport, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Chevrolet Camaro GS, and some others.

Family and Relationship life of Davido

The Adeleke Family

davido and his family

Davido’s Dad and Mom

The popular musician Davido, was born into a rich family. His father’s name is Adedeji Adeleke, he’s a very wealthy businessman. Deji Adeleke was born on the 6th of March, 1957. When Davido was very young, his family stayed in Enugu State. His dad was a chief and he was responsible for the development of the artificial island in Lagos state commonly called Banana Island.

He was recognized for vowing to make Nigeria proud by building this island, devising a strategy for its growth, and adhering to it until Banana Island began to draw investors from all over the globe, ultimately becoming one of the country’s most costly resorts.

He was married to Veronica who gave birth to  Davido and Sharon.

davido and his family2

davido and his family

Also, his elder brother, Isiaka Adeleke, was the former Governor of Osun state. Isiaka Adeleke passed away in April 2017. So, the entire lineage has attained a level of success in various fields. Deji Adeleke is a co-founder of Adeleke University located at EDE, Osun State.

He is the chief executive officer of Pacific Holdings Ltd company, a company that deals with financing and investments in many areas of the Nigerian economy. Steel manufacturing, energy, shipping, and warehousing are all covered. Apart from that, Deji Adeleke is a real estate and banking professional.


As for the late mother of Davido, Veronica  Adeleke, was a former lecturer at Babcok University, Osun state, Nigeria. She died at the age of 39 in 2013.

Davido’s Relationship Life

Davido is blessed with three children. He’s currently engaged with chioma, the mother of his third child.

Before Davido became a dad, he has been dating tons of ladies. He was dating a model named Sira Kante, a beautiful Guinean model, and a fashion designer.


Their relationship was one of the most talked-about on social media platforms..

picture of Sira Kante and Davido

picture of Sira Kante and Davido

Davido’s First Child: who is her mother?

imade adeleke

imade adeleke

Sophia Momodu was one of Davido’s most famous gf’s among others. Sophia is a fashion freak and a niece to Dele Momodu, the CEO of Ovation company.

When she was pregnant, a lot of arguments came up and the best thing she had to do was to take a DNA TEST. After then, it proved that Davido was the father of the child. So, Davido’s first child was named Aurora Imade Adeleke, she was born on the 14th of May, 2015. Her middle name was gotten from Davido’s late mother Veronica Imade, who hails from Edo State and passed away in 2003.

After some months, Davido allegedly attempted to take his daughter from the country several times without Sophia’s permission. So, this led to a court case between Davido and Sophia. It turned out to be that the lawyer was on the side of Sophia and her Uncle. During this fight, Davido and Sophia often exchanged harsh words on social media.

After a while, everything normalized between Davido and Sophia. Davido later apologized for his ill treatments, towards Sophia and her uncle. Both partners aren’t coming back again, but what matters is that everyone is in good terms with each other. Right now, Davido often visits his little daughter and sometimes, posts her pictures on social media.

Imade attends one of the best foreign schools in Lagos state.

Davido’s second daughter: who is her mother?

Hailey Veronica Adeleke

Hailey Veronica Adeleke

The news about Davido having a second child, came as a shock to everybody, most especially his fans. As at 2016, he wasn’t dating anyone. No one really knew that he was having an affair. The news came as an explode!!! The media found out that her name was Amanda, residing in Atlanta, USA.

Anyways, Davido named her Hailey Veronica Adeleke. He gave her a middle name after His late mother.

Davido and Chioma’s Love Story



How did Davido and chioma Meet?

Apart from Davido being an award-winning musician, he’s also a real charmer to millions of girls out there. Before Davido met Chioma, he dated a lot of beautiful ladies, his lovers were; Funmi Aboderin, Stacey Brianar Brown, Nish Kards, Siraa Kante, and his baby mamas Sophie Momodu and Amanda who gave birth to his beautiful daughters Aurora Imade and Hailey.

According to speculations, the charming couple met many years ago, while Davido was an undergraduate at Babcock University. Chioma Avril Rowland known as Chioma, is a student at the institution as well. Chioma was a 300-level Economics Student at the Babcock University when everybody started noticing their movement.

He made sure that everyone knew about Chioma and how much he admired her right away. He literally expressed his love to the entire world, and it instantly set her apart from the rest of his relationships.

The media and top celebrity bloggers became suspicious at first, because everyone was surprised at how swiftly the superstar’s relationship with a regular girl progressed so quickly. Some people began to believe she was just a gold digger, and her peers began spreading rumors about her, alleging she dated a lot of guys at the institution.

She’s not a lady that posts a lot of details about her life  on social media. She’s also known for being a professional chef,  so she’s more interested in posting her cooking samples.

Davido started to shower her with expensive gifts to show his affection towards her. He took her to Dubai and Paris for shopping. In 2018, Davido surprised Chioma with an expensive Porsche car (worth N45 Million).

According to the Insiders, Chioma wanted to skip a year at school just to be with him often. She was seen in London supporting and encouraging  Davido at the backstage when he was performing. He then tagged the photos he took with her “Best Friend,” which many thought was a really wonderful move on his part.

The two lovers were severally spotted at the club, they where making a romantic eye contact to each other and could not let go. Davido did a lot of publicity that made Chioma stands out among other girlfriends. He also introduced her to his family when they went to a family event.

When it was Chioma’s birthday, On the 1st of May 2018, Davido rented a whole nightclub solely to throw her a party. In that party, Davido admitted that he will always love Chioma.

davido and chioma love sparkle

Another significant observation is that Chioma is said to have influenced his new song “Assurance.” Her name appears in one of the lyrics, and she also appears in the music video for this song. When Davido was Interviewed, he said he has no problem admitting that he is in love, and some people have irrational phobias of publicly expressing their feelings.  There was a time, he called Chioma his wife on social media and indicated he wants to have a male child with her.

When they started dating, she quickly became popular. She got an endorsement deal worth N60 million from a Big Company. Davido said, out of all the women he’s met, she is the only one who would never ask for anything.

He also advised the Nigerian ladies not to treat their boyfriends as living purses if they really want to enjoy their relationship.


davido and chioma 2

However, Davido brought to light in January 2018 that he was in a relationship when he took the young lady, Chioma, to a private family event in Ede, Osun state.

They were first seen together at the musician’s family’s private parties. They’ve been meeting for five years, according to rumors. Before his two baby moms, Davido met Chioma.

On the 12th of September 2019, Davido proposed to chioma. The proposal took place in a restaurant in London among close friends.

Also, Davido announced on Twitter that Chioma had given birth to a son. He gave him the name David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Jnr. The news of Chioma’s baby sparked up social media frenzy.

davido and chioma in a party


David Adeleke Jnr

David Adeleke Jnr

How does Davido make his money?

Music itself is money, and if you’re very good with music. You’ll have the opportunity to make money you never imagined of making. Davido literally made his money from Music. So without his father, he could still survive.  Here, we’ll be listing some ways davido earns as Musician.’

  • Davido has a Monetized YouTube channel that has had over 800 million views over time. YouTube pays between 3-10 dollars per thousand view. if you’re calculating the money he must have earn for 400million views, that should be around $2m, he has earned from YouTube. With just the analysis from YouTube, you’ll know he’s a rich kid.
  • When Davido has a performance abroad, especially in developed countries, he charges between $100k – $200k, and that’s a huge amount of money, while for local shows in Nigeria, he charges between 10-40 million naira.

If peradventure he had 25 shows to attend in Nigeria and he charges all of them N20m, that’s about N500m which is half a billion gotten from his show performance in a year.

  • DMW, Davido’s record label, was founded in 2016. He started it soon after signing with Sony Music, and Mayorkun was his first major signing. Davido’s DMW becomes yet another source of wealth for Davido, and it helps to raise more African music legends.

People fail to understand you can’t be on top forever,” Davido said this in His statement whiling talking about DMW, “having these artists helps me stay afloat and be current with new stuff.”

  • Album sales and online revenue generation: without any doubt, Davido also makes huge cash from selling his album and singles. Davido revealed in 2018 that his songs, “FALL” and “IF” has made so much money. When Davido singed into the sony’s RCA Record label in 2016, he said that “IF’

In 2018, Davido revealed that  both of his songs, “If” and “Fall’ had made massive money for him. Davido when signed into Sony’s RCA Records in the year 2016, he stated that his single “IF” sold over 2 million copies as a single from his album, and his other single “FALL”, sold over 10 million copies worldwide.


 Davido’s Tour

  • A Good Time North America Tour (2019-2020): In 2019 Davido announced that he’ll be hitting major cities accord the shores of the United States and Canada.

In regard to the popular album he launched, Davido was able to visit so many states like; Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and lots more.

Davido Endorsements Deal

If we’ll start writing about his brand ambassadorship, we’ll cover a lot of contents. Davido is a brand ambassador to many multi-million dollar companies such as Pepsi, Mtn, Travelbeta, AXE, etc..

On April 6, 2012, Nigerian Entertainment Today reported Davido had signed a ₦30 million endorsement deal with MTN. The deal unveiled him as the face of MTN Pulse, a marketing campaign aimed at Nigerian youth.

On October 24, 2013, Pulse Nigeria reported Guinness Nigeria had signed Davido for an endorsement deal.

He signed an endorsement deal with Infinix Mobile, a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer, on May 9, 2018.

davido and infinix

davido and infinix 2


In June 2021, Davido Partners With Martell Nigeria, Signs $5 Million (2 Billion Naira) Endorsement Deal. On Martell’s official Twitter page, they shared a video of Davido in an advertisement. Martell mentioned,

For Martell, a Standout Swift is someone who challenges convention & inspires others. After more than a decade of ground-breaking music & pushing Afrobeats beyond borders, that’s exactly what @davido portrays, making him Martell’s newest Standout Swift.

Davido’s Lifestyle

Davido, who has a net worth of more than $25 million, is known for his lavish lifestyle. He is constantly bragging about his flashy and expensive possessions.

Davido’s Instagram accounts once published a photo of his family’s private plane on social media, which drew a lot of praise and criticism from fans and critics alike.

davido in a private Jet

davido in a private Jet

He wrote on Twitter “Bought already, it not soup”: It’s Hard Work and Ambition!  Many congratulated him and many talked back at Him saying.

Because of How Rich Davido is, he once bought Rolex watches for his two daughters at the rate of $80,000 each, bringing the total to 64 Million Naira.

He wrote on Instagram THE PANDEMIC COULD’NT STOP ME. ROLLY GANG !#30BG4LThanks@davido!

Studio Albums and EPs of Davido

Omo Baba Olowo (2012)

Son of Mercy (2016)

A Good Time (2019)

A Better Time (2020)

Frequently Asked Questions About Davido

1.What is Davido’s real name on Instagram?

You can simply follow Davido on his Instagram account @davido. It’s so simple, unlike other celebrities that’ll have other attached words.

2.What is Davido’s Height?

Davido’s height is 168cm (5ft 6in).

3.Where His musical Career Began

In His biography earlier on, he started buying musical instruments when he was at Georgia InOakwood University

4.Is Davido a billionaire?

Yes, Davido is a billionaire in naira currency, but not in dollars. According to his net worth, he is worth N10, 262,500,000.00

5.Who has more fans wizkid or Davido?

Right from time, a lot of arguments and debates about Davido And Wizkid have been going on, regarding who’s more talented, richer, and more influential? He has more fans than wizkid, based on the current statistic in 2021,

(On Facebook, Davido has  4.2 million followers, while Wizkid has 5.9 million followers,

On Instagram, Davido has 20.5 million followers while Wizkid has 12.3 million followers,

On Youtube, Davido has 2.54 million subscribers while Wizkid has 1.82 million Subscribers,

and on Twitter, Davido has 9.5 million followers while Wizkid has 8.6 million followers.)

Can you See?, the difference is clear. Statistically, Davido has more fans than Wizkid.

Currently in Nigeria, Davido is the most followed person on Instagram .

6.Is Davido Yoruba or Igbo?

If you’ve been asking questions like; what tribe is Davido or what is Davido’s state of Orgin? The answer is that, Davido is of Yoruba descent, he hails from Osun State, Nigeria

7.How old is Chioma Davido?

Chioma Avril Rowland is also known as Chioma Davido was born May 1, 1995

8.Who is the father of Davido?

Davido’s Father’s Father’s name is Adedeji Adeleke.

9.Who is the richest between Wizkid and Davido?

According to their official net worths, Davido’s net worth is estimated to be $70 million, while Wizkid’s net worth is $63 million.

10.Who is Davido dating?

Davido is dating Chioma Avril popularly known as chioma the chef.

11.Davido’s Children: How Many Kids does He Have?

Davido has 3 children form three different mothers. The names of the children are; Aurora Imade Adeleke, Hailey Veronica Adeleke, David Adedeji Adeleke Jr.

12.Does Davido Have a Son?

On the 20th of October 2019, Chioma gave birth to Davido’s first son.

13.How Old is Davido?

As of 2021, Davido is 29 years old, as he was born on the 21st of November, 1992.

14.Is Davido the only son of his father?

Davido is his father’s second born and son

15.What is Davido’s Website

You can Visit Davido’s Official website @

16.What is Davido’s Fathers Net worth?

According to Forbes, Adedeji Tajudeen Adeleke, also known as Deji Adeleke, is a billionaire and business titan who is the father of the popular musician, Davido, with a net worth of $700 million (N254,450,000,000 or N254. 4 billion).

17.What did Davido study at University?

David Adeleke Also known as Davido, a Nigerian singer, graduated from Babcock University with a degree in Business Administration. When he was in the University, He was the Most Popular Student as at that time.

18.How can I get in touch with Davido?





19.Is Davido in Good Terms with his Baby Mamas?

Davido is one artist that loves his music career so much, but not as much as he loves and cherish his family. Davido apart from the little fight he had with Sophia Momodu, he tries every means to maintain peace with his baby mamas.

List of awards and Nominations received by Davido

This are the list of Davido’s awards and Nominations that he received;

1.Soul Train Awards

In 2014, Davido for “Aye” was nominated for the award “Best International Performance”.

2.The Future Africa Awards

Also, in the 2014, Davido was Nominated for the ward “African Young person of the Year ”

3.Kora Awards

The first award Davido won was the “Kora Awards” titled “Best Newcomer Award”. In 2014.

4.BET Awards

The second award Davido won was the BET Awards, titled “Best International Act Africa” in 2014.

5.Ben Tv Awards 2014

In the Ben Tv’s awards, Davido was Nominated as the best male artist. In that same year he was nominated for the best collaboration from the song “Daddy” sang by Reminisce ft Davido.

Moreover, he was nominated for the best “international collaboration” for the song “Number One” Remix – Diamond platnumz featuring Davido and finally Davido’s song “Aye” won the “Music Video of the Year”

6.Dynamix All Youth

Davido won the award for the “promising youth Artistle” and “Back when ” became the song of the Year.

7.MOBO Awards

Davido was nominated for the “Best African act” in 2014.

8.MTV Europe Music Awards

In the year 2014, he was also nominated for the “Best African Act”.

9.African Muzik Magazine Awards

2014 was actually a flourishing year for Davido, because he was nominated and won so many awards. He won an award for two things which are “Best Male West Africa ” and “Artist of the Year”.

Also the following songs were nominated for the following awards.

“skelewu’ – song of the year and Best Dance in a Video

“Number One Remix”- song of the year and best collabo

10.MTV Africa Music Awards

He was able to win an award for the “best male” and “artist of the year”. Also he was nominated for the following songs..

“Number One” (Remix)- (Diamond featuring Davido) as Best collaboration and

“Skelewu” – as the song of the year.

11.World Music Awards

In 2014, he conquered by winning an award as the “World’s best male artist”. And he was nominated for the “world’s best live act “and “world best Entertainer of the Year”.

12.Channel O music Video Awards 2012-2014

In his song “Aye”, he sang in 2012, Davido was nominated for the following award.

  • Most Gifted Male
  • Most Gifted Afropop
  • Most Gifted Video
  • Most Gifted West.

In 2012, he won the award for Most Gifted Newcomer Video of the Year”-Dami Duro.

Also, he was nominated for “Most Gifted Pop Video” for the song “Gobe” he sang in 2012.

And he was nominated for most gifted Dance for the song skelewu, he sang in 2014.

13.Nigeria Music Video Awards (NWVA)- 2012-2014

In 2014 he was nominated for the following award, “Video of the year”, “Indigenous Concept”, Best Use of Costumes and in that same year, he won an award for the Best Afro Pop Video, for the song “Ichelete() ” )

Also, in 2012, he got an award for the “Best Video By A New Artiste (Live Beats Choice). “

In the year 2013, “All of you” was nominated for the “Best Dance  Hall/Hagge Video” and “Gobe’ was nominated for the “Best Pop Extra Video”.

14.4Syte TV Music Video Awards -2012-2014

In 2014, “Aye” was nominated for “Best African Video ”, also in 2013,  “Gobe” and in 2012, “Dami Duro osezy” was nominated for Best African Video.

15.Ghana Music Awards- 2013-2014

Davido was nominated in 2013 and won an award as the African Artiste of the Year “in 2014.

16.City People Entertainment Awards 2013-2014

In 2013, Davido was nominated as  the “Musician of the Year(Male)”,  “Best Hip-Hop Artiste of the year” and “Gobe” as the “Most Popular song of the year”.

Also, in 2014, the song “Aye” was nominated as the “Most Popular song of the year” and also the “Video of the Year”. In that same year, the song “Daddy’- Reminisce featuring Davido was nominated as the “Best Hip-Hop Artiste of the Year”.

17.The Headies 2012-2018

In the year 2012, the song “Dami duro ” was nominated as the “Best Pop Single” and “Song of the Year”. Also the song “Carolina” – (sauce kid featuring Davido), in that same year, Davido was awarded “Next Rated“.

2013-  “Omo baba olowo” was nominated as the album of the year and was awarded  the “Best R&B/Pop Album.

Also “Gobe”  was nominated as the Best Pop Single in 2013.

2014-  “Aye” song was nominated as the Best Pop Single & was awarded as the Song of the year.

In 2018, Davido won two awards, which are “Hip Hop World Revelation” and the “Artiste of the year”.2018-  He still won the Artiste of the Year and his song “IF’  was awarded as the “Song of the year” and  “Best Pop Single”. “IF” was also nominated for the Headlines Viewer’s Choice.

The song “Like Dat ” was nominated as the best Music Video.

18.Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2012-2014

2012-  Davido won the award for the following songs listed here..

“Carolina’- Best Callabo of the Year

“Himself ”- Best New Act of the Year.

Dami duro- Hottest Single of the Year.

He also won the “Best Pop/ R&B Artiste of the Year”.

2013-  the album titled “O B O (Omo Baba Olowo)”, was nominated as the “Best Album of the Year” and he also won the “Best Pop/R&B Artiste of the Year”.

2014- He won the following  awards for the songs listed below:

  • “Gallardo”(RunTown featuring Davido) and “Mofe Lowo Ju Daddy Mi”(Reminisce featuring Davido) as “Best collaboration’.
  • “Aye”- Hosttest Single of the Year.

He won an award as the “Best Male Artist of the Year” and  the song “Skelewu” was nominated as the “Best Music Video of the Year(Artist & Director).”

19.Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

In 2018,  Davido was nominated as the “Favorite African Star”.

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In 2002, his acting debut came in the remake of The Graduate, a 1967 American romantic comedy-drama.

Also In 2004, Radnor got featured along Neil Patrick Harish in the play The Paris Letter. With Happythankyoumoreplease; a 2010 comedy drama film, he made his directorial debut. A second one Liberal Arts followed up and was aired in January, 2012. In 2013, Radnor got casted with Broadway Production play, Disgraced.

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Date of birth: July 29,1974

Age: 47 years (as of 2021)

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, U. S. A

Occupation: Actor, Musician, Director, Producer

Education: Kenyon College (BA), New York University (MFA)

Mother: Carol Radnor (née Hirsch)

Father: Alan Radnor

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Height in feet inches: 6 feet 0 inches(6’0”)

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Hair Color: Brown

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Net Worth: $20 million

Early life And Educational Background

Josh Radnor was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in Bexley, Ohio. His father Alan Radnor is a medical malpractice lawyer, while his mother Carol Radnor is a high school guidance counselor. He has two sisters: Melanie Radnor Silverman and Joanna Radnor Vilensky.

He got raised in a Jewish family and attended the Orthodox Jewish day school Columbus Torah Academy, then proceeded to Bexley High school.

He graduated from Kenyon College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in drama.

Fueled by his passion for the theaters, he received an award from his school’s drama department: Paul Newman Award in 1995. Radnor went on to bag his Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from New York University. As a devoted Judaist, he partook in an experience program in Tzfat (pronounced as safed) in 1997, with LivnotU’Lehibanot.

Josh Radnor Career

Josh Radnor made his first acting debut in 2002 in a stage remake of The Graduate; after replacing Jason Biggs and starring alongside Alicia Silverstonec and Kathleen Turner.

He starred with Neil Patrick in 2004’s The Paris Letter before starring in his biggest role till present How I Met Your Mother(2005-2014).

In the play Finks, written by Joe Guilford and directed by Charlie Stratton, Radnor starred opposite American Actress Jennifer Westfeldt.

His first trial at directing was in 2010 with the film Happy thank you more please where he had the honor of writing and starring in. On his second one Liberal Arts, he starred alongside Elizabeth Olsen which premiered on 22nd January, 2012. In 2013, he was cast with Broadway Production play Disgraced.

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Music Videos

“Let Me Be Your Girl” -2016


  1. The Graduate (2002)
  2. The Paris Letter (2004)
  3. She Loves Me (2011)
  4. Disgraced (2014-2015)
  5. The Babylon Line (2016)
  6. Little Shop of Horrors (2018)


Awards And Nominations

Josh Radnor was nominated in 2010 for Happythankyoumoreplease by Sundance Film Festival.

Josh Radnor Age

Radnor was born on July 29, 1974. He is 48 years as of 2022.

Josh Radnor Height And Weight

He is 6 feet tall (1.83m) and weighs 75kg (165lbs).

Josh Radnor Net Worth

Josh has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Josh Radnor Personal Life

Josh Radnor is single and straight. He has romantic links with a chain of actresses like: Lindsay Price, Julia Jones, Marissa Tomei and Minka Kelly. He is also a Cloud Cult fan.

Fun Facts About Josh Radnor

  1. In his high school, he was the class president
  2. He doesn’t like watching television very much.
  3. Josh and author John Greens were college mates
  4. Josh has an allergy to dogs
  5. He neither smokes nor drinks alcohol


Frequently Asked Questions About Josh Radnor

1.Josh Radnor wife

Radnor is unmarried and has no children as of now.

2.Josh Radnor Children

Josh has no known Children as of now.

3.Josh Radnor Partner

Josh Radnor is currently dating Minka Kelly. They started dating in 2016.

4.Josh Radnor Instagram

His handle is @joshradnor with  over 871k followers and 341 following.

5.Is Josh Radnor a Millionaire?

Yes, he is considered one as he is worth $20 million. Most of his wealth is a result of his appearance on How I Met Your Mother

6.Is Josh Radnor Related To Jimmy Fallon?

No, he is not related to Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show host. They just strikingly resemble.

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Uju Okoli Father, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Biography



Uju Okoli pic

Uju Okoli Biography

Uju Okoli (Born 26th April 1983) is among the thriving actresses in the Nollywood industry. She is a talented and pretty actress who became famous after her role in the popular TV series “The Palace”.

Prior to that time, she appeared in many minor roles way back in 2005. Uju Okoli is from Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo state.

Despite being a Nollywood actress, she is also a movie producer, media personality, and model.

Uju Okoli Profile Summary

Full Name: Uju Okoli

Date of Birth: 26th April 1983

Age: 38 as of 2022

Nationality: Nigeria

Education: Studied Mass Communication at Imo State University

Parents:  Ajie Okoli (mother)

Occupation: Film producer, and Acting.

Years Active: 2014 till date

Net Worth:  Approximately $400,000

Uju okolie’s Early Life, Family and Educational Background

Uju Okoli was born on April 26th in 1986 into the Obi Okoli family. She Hails from Akokwa in Ideato North Local Government area in Imo state. Also Uju Okoli’s father, Obi Okoli is a veteran Nollywood actor. Uji has six siblings.

She did her primary and secondary school in Imo State. She later acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Imo State University.

Truths About Uju’s Father and Family Members

Uju Okoli was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Okoli from Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State. The beautiful actress is not the only child of her parents; she grew up alongside six siblings whom one is a movie actor by name Tony White Okoli.

There have been several intuitions that Uju is the daughter of the Nollywood actor Obi Okoli. Presently this rumor was discredited.

Obi Okoli Has No Blood Ties With Uju Okoli

Presently, we were made to understand that Uju Okoli is not really the daughter of Obi Okoli. This new finding also said that both of them bearing the same surname is just a coincidence, they’re not blood related.

Also, we heard some claims that Obi comes from Anambra and not Imo, therefore, he cannot be the father of someone who hails from Imo State.

To clear the air, Tony came out on Instagram to revealed the truth. He claimed that Obi Okoli hail’s from Nsukka while they are Imo State indigenes so he can’t be their father. Tony went on to talk about his parents who he is obviously proud of.

Who is Uju’s Real Father?

When Tony White shared his post about his real parents, he did talk more about their identities. Thus, their father’s name is unknown and also his profession was not revealed. What we know is that he is a movie star.

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Uju’s Mother Goes By The Name Ajie Okoli

Uju Okoli’s mum has been properly identified as Ajie Okoli. However, she lives a very private life. There is no much information about her. But she is known to be a devout Catholic and she brought up her children in the Christian way and Uju is believed to have learnt her moral conduct from Ajie.

Uju Okoli’s Career

She came into the Nollywood industry in 2010. Though reports have it that she started acting at an early age in 2005, where she featured in the movie No More War.

She started acting  minor roles like every other actress did in movies, before she started featuring in lead roles. She has featured in many Nollywood movies with different famous movie stars like Yul Edochie, Mercy Johnson, Chiwetaku Agu, Peter Edochie, and her assumed father Obi Okoli. Some of her movies include Royal Tournament, The Palace, No More War, My Last Hope, etc.


*Echoes of Love

*Another World

*Strange of Love

*Ring of Fate

*Barren Kingdom

*Feast of Blood

*Family of Enemies

*Royal Struggle

*Amazing Husband

*Designated Prince

*No More War

*The Lost Son 2

*Men on Hard Way

*My Last Hope

“Village Liars

*Strength of Love

*Sound of Ikoro

Awards and Nominations

Uju okoli have had many awards and normination as a result of her talent and acting skills. She has also been recognized for her contribution to the growth of the movie industry. One of the normination she has received is a nomination as the Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the 2019 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards event.

Personal Life and Family

Report has it that Uju Okoli is married but she has not publicly said anything about her husband. She once posted pictures of her traditional marriage ceremony but she kept her husband away from the public.

Ada Akokwa as she is popularly known is among the actresses that has kept their marriage from the public.

Social Media Handle

Uju Okoli has a social media account. Where she has some updates about herself.

You can reach her on Facebook: and

Uju Okoli Net Worth

Uju Okoli as a talented actress has been able to amass wealth for herself. She has a net worth that is Presently estimated to be 170million naira ( $400,000)

Uju Okoli’s Age

Uju Okoli’s was born in 1983,she is 38 years old as of 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How old is UJU?

She is 35 years old as of 2022. She is a famous talented actress in Nigeria.

2.Is UJU Okoli Nollywood actress married?

She often addresses herself as Ada Akokwa because of her personality. She is married, but has not revealed who her husband is.

3.Is UJU Okoli the daughter of Obi Okoli?

Rumours have it that she is his daughter, but recently her brother Tony posted on Instagram telling us they are not blood related. Mr Obi Okoli is from Anambra state while they are from Imo state so he is not Uju Okoli’s father.

4.Are the parents of UJU Okoli still alive?

Yes both parents are alive and healthy.

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Constance Nunes Net Worth, Age, Biography, Instagram



Constance Nunes picture

Constance Nunes Biography

Constance Nunes as an American reality TV star was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. She is also a mechanic and a model.

Presently, Nunes is a mechanic at Gotham Garage. Constance is best known for her role in the Netflix reality show car masters: Rust to Riches, where she appeared in nine episodes.

Constance Nunes Profile Summary

Name: Constance Nunes

Date of Birth: 17th November 1989

Age: 32 years (as of 2021)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Nationality: American

Sexuality: Straight

Father: Ernie Nunes

Mother: N/A

Spouse: Jared Toller

Religion: Christianity

Height In Feet: 5’7”

Weight In Pounds: 119-130lbs

Weight In Kilograms: 52

Net Worth: USD $2 million

Body Measurements In Inches: 34-26-34

Body Measurements In Centimeter: 86-66-86

Profession: Model, Mechanic and Reality TV star

Siblings: None


Constance Nunes Career

Constance began working with her father; on vehicles, when she was a child. She discovered her passion for automobiles from this experience.

At the age of 16, she built her first car; a Ford mustang (1965 model). She has modelled at different car events and has also worked with firms like Feral, Cosmetics, Wrangler, Jockey, Jlux Label, and Javanan magazine.

She has some movies to her credits like; Bring it on and Dodgeball where she did stunt work. She has also appeared in a number of musical videos. Constance Nunes has started her own car business, Cars by Constance which is known for cars customization and restoration.

She has established herself as one of the greatest female car mechanics in California having worked with brands like BMW, Audi, Acura, Ford.

Constance Nunes Personal/Family Life

Her father was an amateur racer and seasoned mechanic. She has not said much about her mother and has no siblings.

Constance got married to her long-term boyfriend, Jared Toller, an autophile and amateur racer on 9th February,2019 in Peru, California. They first met at a friend’s get together and dated for 8 years.

Constance Nunes Age

Constance Nunes is 32 years as of 2022. Her birthday was celebrated on 17th November, 2021

Constance Nunes Net Worth

She is believed to be worth $2 million. Modelling, car mechanic, Instagram influencing are her major sources of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Constance Nunes Still Married?

No! The couple divorced in June,2020

2.Constance Nunes Siblings

She has no known siblings

3.How Old Is Constance Nunes?

She is 32 years old as of 2021

4.What Is Constance Nunes Social Media Account?

She is presently on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook

Her Instagram handle is @constanxe-nunes

5.What Is Constance Nunes Ethnicity?

She is white (Caucasian)

6.What Is Constance Nunes Hair Color?

Her hair is Black

7.Does Constance Nunes have Tattoos?

Yes, she has on her arms

8.What Is Constance Nunes Eye Color?

She has Dark brown eyes

9.Where Was Constance Nunes Born?

She was born in Portugal

10.Is Constance Nunes a Real Mechanic?

She is a mechanic with 15 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Fun Facts About Constance Nunes

  1. She owns a 1964.5 mustang which she calls “babystang”.
  2. She builds cars for specialty shops
  3. She is vastly experienced with cars
  4. She is terrible at selfies
  5. Her ideal date is at the drag race
  6. She is a big influencer on social media
  7. She got into cars because of the experiences she has with her dad
  8. She has Gigs for a super bowl commercial
  9. Men stalk her page, vying for her attention
  10. She spends most of her time under a car

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Emma Samms net worth and biography

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